Goat Guns collectible miniature rifles

Were no strangers to miniature guns, considering we have a couple of tiny armories worth of them. Ours are all 1:6 scale, though. Goat Guns, however, has some really cool 1:3 scale guns with moveable parts.

These AR 15 replicas, mini-AKs (and other makes and models) are pretty damn sweet.

Assembling a Goatguns 50-cal replica
Goat Guns 50 Cal – here’s a quick assembly!

Goatguns: tiny guns with huge functionalityThese don’t throw projectiles of any kind, but they do just about everything else. Plus they’ll sure look badass next to your computer monitor.

Goatguns AR 15 replica assembled and disassembled versions
A Goatguns AR 15 replica before and after it’s ready for your desk.

We were impressed with the number of actual moving parts on these things. Most actually function or operate like the real ones (meaning charging handles, magazines and the like – they don’t shoot anything). Hell, you can load the mags with itty-bitty bullets!

Goatguns replica AR15 by old school boonie hat.
Goat Guns functioning miniature guns –
This one is by @igottarun74
Goatguns AR 15 replica displayed by @the_alpha_chick
Goat Guns – an AR 15 replica shown by @the_alpha_chick
Goat Guns 50 cal replica miniature by @UniversityGunandPawn
Goat Guns 50 cal replica miniature by @UniversityGunandPawn

Another example is their Charky M4A1 with Marine Corps emblem on the magazine well has a whole whack of tiny parts. The suppressor and sight attach to the rifle, the stock has three positions, the bolt moves, the magazine release works, the magazine can hold a few dummy rounds, the slip ring removes the handguards…

A fifty cal Goatguns replica sniper rifle on overwatch with an office dog

Damn, that’s far cooler than a stupid fidget spinner.

How about getting your Saudi Royal on with a Gold AK-47? You can’t tell us this wouldn’t look good next to that nice fountain pen you never use.

Perhaps you want to go with that old school cool Capone style desk ornament, so you can chomp on your cigar and throw back a snort of Canadian Whiskey. The Tommyboy Mini Thompson is one of our favorite looking for sure.

They have a few other guns, including a Dragunov an, AUG and even an Accuracy International bolt gun. We plan to pick a few of these up to give out to some of our subjects for their hard work.

You have to reward the smallfolk sometimes.

A tiny replica silenced AR 15.
Goat Guns kinda-functioning, no-shoot mini rifles; this one displayed by @xo_breanne_xo.
Goatguns builds tiny guns of all kinds.
Goatguns of all different make, model, and caliber!



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