Recognize the Good with Tango Yankee Chips

Recognize the good and kind people around you with Tango Yankee Chips.

Let’s be honest, people suck. But, not all people. And when people are doing what’s right, having a good attitude, or just being good people, we should recognize them. And that’s what the Tango Yankee Project aims to do.

By recognizing those who are doing good things, through the Tango Yankee Project, we can tell people, “what you’re doing in this life matters.” And in a time when our flaws often outshine the good we do, it’s nice to feel like what you’re doing still matters.

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Spyderco Native

Spyderco Native

Those of us knife nuts have our favorite makers, designs, and materials. Many fans tend to be fiercely loyal to their favorite makers, with some having one or two, while others among us have a wider palate.

For people who are after a wider palate, Spyderco offers the variety that they crave, with a massive selection of designs and materials. And this is a company that listens to its fans, being very interactive with their customers.

Top knife is the Spyderco Para 3 for comparison. The bottom knife is an early Native (note the pronounced swedge). The middle is the Native 5.
The top knife is the Spyderco Para 3 for comparison. The bottom knife is an early Native (note the pronounced swedge). The middle is the Native 5.

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The Emerson Seax — Viking Blade Design

Emerson Seax with Sig Sauer pistol for EDC

The designs coming out of the Emerson Knives, Inc. shop are ever-evolving, and Mr. Emerson never lets any grass grow under his feet. He has maintained the original designs that launched the company (if it’s not broken, don’t fix it), to his credit. That said, he steadily releases fresh material, which is a boon for those who enjoy new things.

Enter, stage left, the “new” Emerson Seax (it is pronounced “Sax”, as in short for saxophone), introduced in 2018.

Emerson Seax folding knife.

While this design is new for Emerson, as Ernie points out, it is not a new concept, having been used back in Viking times. Ernie has been a fan of Viking weapons and tools for many years, and this prompted him to pay homage to this blade design, which was originally used by Vikings in a fixed blade configuration.

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Convert Ezydog harness: take the field with Fido

dog harnesses in action

This Ezydog harness rig is gonna be interesting to a lot of you dog owners out there, even those of ya who don’t pal around with a Bandogge or Molossus (or for that matter any war dog). It’s called the Ezydog Convert Harness, and it is receiving excellent reviews everywhere we’ve looked.

Got a fur missile of your own? Read on.

@fatboybrewtus in his Ezydog harness
Fatboy Brewtus in his Ezydog Harness. Some dog hiking gear gets used more than others…

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Goatguns collectible miniature guns

Goat Guns

Were no strangers to miniature guns, considering we have a couple of tiny armories worth of them. However, the ones all used by the Mad Duo are all 1:6 scale. Goatguns, though – they have some really cool 1:3 scale guns with moveable parts.

These AR 15 replicas, mini-AKs (and other makes and models) are pretty damn sweet.

Assembling a Goatguns 50-cal replica
Goat Guns 50 Cal – here’s a quick assembly!

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Changing Stripes: a History of Tiger Stripe Camo

Iconic tiger stripe uniform Martin Sheen in the Vietnam War movie Apocalypse Now.

It has been said that just as a leopard can’t change his spots so too a tiger can’t change his stripes. Yet when it comes to military camouflage, the versatile tiger stripe camo pattern has changed and evolved over the years. The fact remains however that unlike the U.S. military’s Operational Camouflage Pattern (OCP) or Universal Camouflage Pattern (UCP), the iconic tiger stripe camouflage pattern was never actually an “official” form of camouflage.

Tiger Stripe Camo

While it has been called “tiger stripe camo” unofficially, as the name derives from its resemblance to the stripes on the big cats, it is unique in that the pattern has no name. And unlike OCP, UCP, or the other official camouflage patterns, tigerstripe camouflage is also not really one specific pattern. Some experts have suggested that there were nearly two dozen different variants, so it really is the name of a group of camouflage patterns rather than one particular pattern.

Navy SEALS wearing tigerstrip camouflage in Vietnam.
U.S. Navy SEALs wore locally produced tiger stripe uniforms in Vietnam – and yes, blue jeans were also commonly worn by the frogmen. (Photo: U.S. Navy/Public Domain)

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Tactical Flannel: flannel shirts tough enough to fight in

"Tactical Flannel": it's a flannel tough and comfy enough to fight in.

Flannel shirts — for centuries we’ve enjoyed wearing them. That’s no exaggeration neither! Actually, its a bit of an exaggeration, but wtf, we get excited. Read on if you like flannel shirts.

First seen in Wales back in the 16th century (think Queen Elizabeth I, Bill Shakespeare, Ivan the Terrible timeframe), the fabric is thought to have made its way here to the United States circa the Civil War years.

We like flannel shirts for all kinds of stuff. We like ’em for everyday use, for camping, for wearing to the range, for wearing to them to the range, hell some of our guys have worn them on missions in places where there isn’t any good toilet paper and assholes sometime shoot at ya.

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Jason Curns: New COO of DRG Manufacturing

DRG Manufacturing LLC has officially announced they’ve hired Jason Curns as their new Chief Operations Officer (COO). If you didn’t know, he’s pretty much a badass in the world of firearm manufacturing.

“I am elated to join the Team at DRG Manufacturing.”

-Jason Curns, Chief Operations Officer, DRG Manufacturing

DRG Manufacturing - Laser

Jason comes to DRG as the former Vice President of Grey Ghost Precision and the MKI and MKII Rifle platforms designer. He was also crucial in the pistol slides GGP offers. Now combine that with his 13 years in the firearms manufacturing industry and 12 years of experience in compliance, customer service/logistics, and supply chain—DRG believes this will make his
transition into the new role easy.

“Curns’ commitment to quality and innovation coupled with his incredible knowledge and experience made him an ideal addition, and he will be integral in the future success of DRG,” and “I’m proud to have the most elite team there is in the firearms industry.”

-David Rybacki, DRG Manufacturing Owner

Joining the DRG team at their cooperate office in Lake Zurich, IL, Jason’s duties as the new COO will include overseeing all CNC OEM projects and provide support to the Business Development department

“It is extremely exciting to see true American Manufacturing being done to such a high degree of quality. I look forward to utilizing my leadership and organizational skills to add to their processes and make improvements where possible. It has always given me great pride to offer the very best OEM products in all my endeavors. With all the capabilities of DRG, I will be able to offer more solutions that are of the highest quality standards companies can rely on.”


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