The Sworn Sword: All Who Have Declared for Morning Wood!

The sigil of House Morningwood
February 1, 2018
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Here shalt though find a reckoning of all who hath sworn to Great House Morningwood. Here are the gates forbidden to any who are not a Sworn Sword. Rise before dawn!

Sworn Sword of House Morningwood Night Vision Operations

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Sworn Sword Ranks and Benefits


Smallfolk: the wretched peasants of House Morningwood. They are the lowest rank of Sworn Sword.

Wretched, worthless, mud-grubbing peasants each Sworn Sword in this image might be, but they’re our Smallfolk – so they’re our are our miserable worthless peasants!

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Bannermen: one type of House Morningwood "Sworn Sword".

It is a brutish sort that wears the House sigil of Morning Wood, but they’re loyally and dependably brutish (and anyway, they’re our brutes). Omar Little, Titus Pullo, Saucerhead Thorpe, and PFC William Hudson were bannermen, though not everyone knows it.

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Hedge Knight

Hedge knights of House Morningwood bear our sigil and do most of the dirty work - they may not be pretty, but they can fight!

Hedge Knight of House Morningwood. They fight with honor and for a cause (not always necessarily the same thing). Many of our hedge knights have hairy, scabbed knuckles from all that dragging on the ground. Owen Zastava Pitt, Duncan the Tall, and Cpl. Dwayne Hicks — Hedge Knights, all of ’em.


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Bastard Knight

The Bastard Knight House Morningwood must display the bend sinister on the House sigil.

The “natural born” knight of some houses might be looked down upon, but not here at House Morningwood. Here those with surname Bone are well regarded and well treated (and, in fairness, expected to do a lot of our necessary dirty work). Aegor Rivers, John Wick, Lorraine Broughton, and Frank Hamer were all bastard knights.

Knights Errant of House Morningwood

Those who bear this knightly sigil also sport knightly wood.

The sworn sword who bears this knightly sigil also sport knightly wood (and they’re doughty warriors, too…though morning wood in armor can be uncomfortable). Barristan the Bold, John Quixote, and John Hartigan were all true knights errant.


Lords and Ladies of House Morning Wood

The highest rank of Sworn Sword: a Lord or Lady of Morning Wood

The Lords and Ladies of Morningwood are the noblest, lordliest, most magnificent (and munificent) of all sworn to Morning Wood.


Game of Thrones sigils - this is the emblem of the great House Morningwood


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