Hugely popular in the firearm world, flannels make concealed carry so much easier—and unless they’re seriously lacking in quality, most any flannel shirt can function as a tactical shirt.

Travis Pike wearing a flannel shirt, aiming a CMMG Banshee.

A loose fit helps conceal your firearm and makes drawing the pistol so much easier.

Usually, they’ve got a baggy fit, making it easy to discreetly stash away the gear, and darker colors only enhance the kind of less-noticeable, grey man appearance that most concealed carry folks are looking for.

The high-quality kind—not your standard Walmart fare—are designed to allow for freedom of movement while offering plenty of pockets and features to secure your gear. They’re also made of durable materials.

The tactical variety, however, rises above the rest because it’s easier to work reloads, draw a pistol, and work around barriers and in odd positions when you’re wearing them. Some of them are even optimally designed to work with a plate carrier.

Who doesn’t appreciate these shirts? They’re tough and comfy enough to fight in.

The classic red flannel shirt -- this one is from DIxxonFlannels

Another thing we love about these shirts? They’re multitaskers. We dig it. Might think about getting a few of them for your lady friend, too.

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