It’s Flannel Weather — Concealed Carry and Flannels

flannel shirts with Ruger LCR revolver and Kershaw knife
October 22, 2020
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Part of being a proud tactical hipster is a love and appreciation of flannel. The iconic flannel shirt, specifically, though a flannel dress looks okay on the right figure (and on me, on Thursdays). The rest of the time it’s mostly Dixxon Flannel for me, but let’s skip the brand argument and get to the why of the matter.

As a Florida man, my time to wear a flannel is short, and now, near the end of October, it’s finally here. In the morning, before the sun comes up, the temperature has dropped down to the mid-fifties, with the temperature hovering around the 70s during the day.

It’s flannel weather, and I’m embracing it.

My love of flannel isn’t necessarily tied to being a hipster, but the fact that a flannel makes a gun so much easier to conceal. So pretty much that makes any and flannel shirts a “tactical flannel” unless they’re just terrible quality. But then again maybe that’s like Condor vs. Wilder Tactical or something.


flannel concealed carry

In fact, it makes it easier to conceal not only a large gun, but a spare magazine, as well as a small medkit, or maybe a fixed blade knife, and you know, a spare gun. Or a Micro Uzi.

You know, whatever.

Flannel shirts are often outfitted with a pattern of some kind, often a plaid pattern, but as Dixxon flannels show us, you can kill your sacred plaid cow. Those patterns with various colors are often the main reason why flannels make such good concealed carry shirts.

Flannel Shirts and Lumps

The pattern works well to hide lumps that guns, spare mags, bowie knives, and Micro Uzis create when carried. The patterns erase the telltale areas where a shirt often rests on the gun. Patterns play a big role in making a gun disappear.

You ever hear about how patterns help hide how fat you are? The same works here.

When you are choosing a flannel for hiding a Glock 17, a reload, knife, and Micro Uzi, you want one with more vertical strikes than horizontal. Find a plaid with thicker vertical strikes since plaid comes with a mixture of both vertical and horizontal options.

Travis Pike wearing a flannel shirt, aiming a CMMG Banshee.

Color-wise, darker is better for hiding bulk. Black is always the best, but dark blues, reds, and purple work well. Avoid brighter khaki-like colors if you can.

Flannels are atypically baggy by design, and hiding things under baggy shirts is always an easy way to get the job done. This makes it easier to stash your goods discreetly. They should drop around the waist, even when fitted around the chest area. This tends to a sharp look and an easily carried mohaska.

Plus, in 2020, no one is tucking in their flannels, so it doesn’t set up an expectation for you to tuck it in.

I only tuck one thing, and it’s only on Man Love Thursdays.

Tough Enough Too

Real flannels —  and I mean well-made flannels that don’t come from Walmart —  are also quite freaking tough. It’s like an urban combat shirt if you choose the right brand.

Dixxon Flannel is my brand of choice, but First Spear reportedly makes some slick fighting flannels as well. 5.11 Tactical makes flannel shirts for both men and women (I haven’t tried either), and most outdoorsmen have heard of Legendary Whitetails flannel shirtsCarhartt’s Hamilton, Hubbard, and Bozeman flannel shirts all get pretty good reviews too.

As the weather changes and your outfit changes, your training has to change. No more t-shirt and jeans draw.

Dixxon flannel shirt with Glock 17

Incorporate your flannel into your training to ensure you can easily defeat it and draw your firearm with some semblance of speed. A good flannel is made to take that abuse and will hold it together without ripping or stretching.

I use thick flannels when I need some additional PPE. Milling, dremeling, cutting metal, milling 80 percent lower receivers, and making bacon is all better with long sleeves.

flannel shirt and brass knuckles

I love this weather. I can finally beat the dust off my favorite flannels for the upcoming fall and winter. Plus, it makes for an easy Jason costume come Halloween; all I need is my machete, flannel, hockey mask, and precocious co-ed, and I can hit the town.

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