Tactical Flannel: flannel shirts tough enough to fight in

"Tactical Flannel": it's a flannel tough and comfy enough to fight in.
September 15, 2020
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Flannel shirts — for centuries we’ve enjoyed wearing them. That’s no exaggeration neither! Actually, it is a bit of an exaggeration, but wtf, we get excited. Cain’t help it. Read on if you like flannel shirts — especially if you’re on the hunt for a tactical flannel (or for the increasingly popular flannel combat shirt).

What is flannel? It’s a fabric. First seen in Wales back in the 16th century (think Queen Elizabeth I, Bill Shakespeare, Ivan the Terrible time frame), the fabric is thought to have made its way here to the United States circa the Civil War years.

We like flannel shirts for all kinds of stuff. We like ’em for everyday use, for camping, for wearing to the range, for wearing to them to the range, hell some of our guys have worn them on missions in places where there isn’t any good toilet paper and assholes sometimes shoot at ya.

We also like how the “tactical flannel” looks on all sorts of different people!

The classic red flannel shirt -- this one is from DIxxon Flannels

But we digress. Here are 3 brands of flannel we think is worth your time to check out. Are they the best flannel shirts out there? Not having worn them all (and having a wide range of tastes in our Minion lineup), we cannot answer that. We can say at least some of us have worn all of these and liked ’em plenty.

Tactical flannels come in all shapes and sizes: we particularly like how some ladies wear Dixxon Flannels.

Some people look better in flannels than others. Especially Dixxon Flannels.


Oh, and remember — most of these companies are small American businesses. That’s another reason to support them.

Dixxon Flannels

Dixxon Flannel Co: tactical flannel (s) for the everyman.

Well, really they’re just badass flannel shirts for the everyman and everywoman.

"Tactical Flannel": it's a flannel tough and comfy enough to fight in. And Dixxon Flannels has stupid fast customer service too.

Guns, motorcycles, hard work, hard play, tattoos…there are a lot of things what can be associated with Dixxon Flannels.

These guys have some ridiculously fast customer service, which is weird ‘cuz there’s only a handful of ’em in the shop. We like their ethos, too. As their HMFIC says,

“The simplest things sometimes are overwhelmed in modern days. We hide function behind the form to enhance the timelessness and classic nature of the flannel…”

"Tactical Flannel": it's a flannel tough and comfy enough to fight in.

"Tactical Flannel": it's a flannel tough and comfy enough to fight in.

Dixxon Flannel shirts are available:

Via Tactical Sh!t online

On Amazon (Doc’s Motorcycle Parts)

At JP Cycles

From 4 Wheel Motor Sports

on eBay (in surprising numbers)

You can find ’em on Instagram, @dixxon_flannel_co.

2. Concealed Carry flannel shirts: Tombstone Flannel

via Tactical Distributors

TDI's Tombstone Flannel is a great shirt for fightin'

black flannel shirt from Tactical Distributors

TD describes ’em,

“[O]ur TD Tombstone Flannel is a semi-fitted button-down shirt featuring a number of important details specifically tailored towards our customer.  For TD’s “fast draw” access, we replaced the front 2 bottom buttons with low-profile, plastic snaps that will allow the wearer to access their concealed weapon faster and help reduce the chance of getting hung up on the shirt hem.  We also added a small hidden pocket at the inside bottom front placket for a handcuff key or pin for escaping from restraint devices.  There are 2 large chest pockets, with the right side sporting a handy sunglasses loop.   Small branding hits on the front pocket and back neck add that extra attention to detail.  Our Tombstone Flannel’s standard fit is tailored to drape naturally over the waistline, helping to conceal your firearm and extra mag.”

green flannel shirt from Tactical Distributors

Online at TDI — which is a part of our Tactical Buyers Club.

They often show up as sold out, so be sure to check their…

Mid layer/fleece section and 

Tactical Jacket section

Connect on the ‘gramz, @tactical_distributors.

3. Flannel combat shirt

All Skill No Luck Ntchwaidumela

*These guys are a part of the Tactical Buyers Club!

Why Ntchwaidumela? It means “He who greets with fire.”

The founder/owner explains,

“I have had a ton of people ask me about the name and how to pronounce it, what does it mean, and where did it come from…The name is after a lion who was the toughest lion in his pride and even though he probably could have been Alpha, he just appeared to stay out of the politics of the pride so that he could go on patrol to destroy hyenas. Judging by some of the shipping addresses, it appears I have chosen the perfect name for this line of products.”

ASNL flannel combat shirt: tough and comfy and looks great under armor!

Need a different sorta shirt to fight in? This flannel combat shirt is tough and comfy enough to fight in.

Need a different sorta shirt to fight in? This flannel combat shirt from All Skill No Luck is comfy and tough enough for the field.

You can get these and other badass All Skill No Luck products on their website, but you ought to join the Tactical Buyers Club first — it’ll pay for itself with your first purchase!

Follow ’em on Instagram, @allskillnoluck.

Have another suggestion for our tactical flannel lineup? Hit us with your ideas in the comments.

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