About Great House Morningwood

House Morningwood, a self-proclaimed noble house. It is the face and blog of the Mad Duo’s Breach-Bang-Clear Patreon account.

Patreon is a crowdfunding program through which our readers can help us stay in business — think Kickstarter or GoFundMe, but as a small ongoing monthly pledge to help keep someone like us in business.  We based our Patreon program after a Game of Thrones style great house, with our own sigil and words and our own knights and smallfolk and irreverent smartassery.

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You can learn more about our program, and what you get out of it, below.

The Tactical Hound machine gun assaulter tee.

Why bend the knee   join? Simple — because we’re fucking awesome and we’ll make it worth your while.

⇒ Access to the Breach-Bang-Clear closed discussion group 💋

⇒ Permission to wander the aisles of the Morningwood Bazaar (up to 60% off various manufacturers) ⚔💰

⇒ You can be a (self-proclaimed) knight or even lord! 👊🚩 🏰

⇒ Loot when we have it to pass out 🎁

That’s right. Our supporters, from our miserable smallfolk all the way to our mighty lords and ladies, have permission to visit that most famous (and seedy) of bars, Nancy’s Squat & Gobble. They can also walk the bustling grounds of the Morningwood Bazaar cyber marketplace, a virtual open-air souk wherein one can buy the most splendid of tactical stuff and things for but a pittance of the normal price.

Grunts: pittance.

Nancy's Squat & Gobble - discussion group

Note: The coupons and purchase codes offered in the “Morningwood Bazaar” range from 10% all the way up to 60%, so if you buy one piece of decent piece of gear in a year it has paid for itself. Plus, you’ll help us keep the lights on and buy beer.

Now, on to the good shit.

The Badge and Motto of House Morningwood

Coat of Arms:  Cendrée, a spear, Gules brunâtre proper, bendwise sinister beneath a fiery sun Or, in the fourth quarter two roundels azure, a bordure sable.

The sigil of House Morningwood | Rise Before Dawn

Words:  Rise Before Dawn

Seat: Freedom, OK

Current Lord: Richard “Swingin’ Dick” Kilgore

Region: ‘Merica and the Frigid North of Frozen Canadia

Title:  First Lord of Morningwood, Autarch of Nancy’s Squat & Gobble, Protector of Pervert Row at All Three Stages, Self Proclaimed Arbiter of What Is Right and Just, etc. etc. etc.

Ancestral Weapon: Kindness 2

Overlord: None. Wait, George Washington.

Founder: Swingin’ Dick Kilgore and Jake “Slim” Call

Founded: One night when they were drunk.

1Hat tip to Westeros.org for the template for writing up a noble house.

2Kindness is a gloriously well maintained, quite likely ensorcelled,  1917-built M1918 Winchester B.A.R. (Browning Automatic Rifle) with every possible high-end component. We’ll be writing the full story of Kindness soon.