Dixxon Flannels — Tactical Hipster Approved

Dixxon Flannels, tactical hipster approved
January 11, 2021
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If you can’t tell by the beard, the haircut, the love of craft beers, and CZ handguns, I’m a hipster. I have had the title thrust upon me by many, and it’s something I’ve learned to embrace. While some hipsters have stupid mustaches, are pretentious, and wear questionable clothes, there is another breed of blue-collar hipsters. I like to think I fall into that crowd, the Noveske hipsters if you will. This is the community I believe the shirts of Dixxon Flannel Co will appeal to.

Where Dixxon Started

Dixxon flannels started in southern California, but now resides in the gun-friendly — and likely more business-friendly — Arizona. The company is known in and out of several different communities, including the biker community where it started, the gun community, and of course whatever you want to call everyone who wears flannel shirts.

At SHOT 2020, I noticed I wasn’t the only one clinging to a Dixxon Flannel at range day. They are an unashamed 2A friendly business with flannels like the 223. Oh and speaking of Noveske, they teamed up with them to do a collaboration, which you won’t find outside of used sales. Dixxon does short runs of their flannels. This allows them to continually bring out new flannels while not having to maintain inventory on old flannels.

Image of Dixxon Flannels in Travis Pike's review on Breach-Bang-Clear.

Dixxon produces more than flannels, and this includes shorts, hats, shirts, and boogaloo ready Hawaiian shirts. I currently own three Dixxon flannels and one Hawaiian, and they are incredibly well-made shirts. They may just be the perfect tactical flannel.

Let’s focus on the flannels.

Dixxon’s original intent was to produce a high-quality flannel that didn’t shrink or wrinkle when washed. To do so, they created the D-Tech material. It’s some fancy space-age material that feels soft, is breathable, and as advertised doesn’t shrink or wrinkle.

I’m not exactly a careful clothes washer. I’m still not sure why people separate clothes, what dryer sheets are for, or if I should use anything but cold water when I wash. Somehow I’ve failed to ruin, fade, wrinkle, or shrink my Dixxon Flannels.

They truly live up to their goal. A big reason I love Dixxon flannels is because of their fit. These shirts aren’t too loose or tight enough to show off my beer belly. They also have tall sizes! True tall sizes. If you ever see me in a long sleeve shirt, the sleeves aren’t rolled up because I’m hot, it’s because they’re too short.

I Got the Opposite Problem of T-Rex

However, Dixxon flannels actually fit me. I can reach above my head, and the sleeves are still long enough, and I’m not showing off my beer belly to the crowd.

Dixxon Flannel Co shirts make concealing a big gun easy. The flannels have just the right amount of looseness to effectively hide a full-sized gun. The flannels patterns also help break up the bulges you’d see from a big gun, or knife, or whatever else you are trying to conceal.

Comfort is also a big deal, and these flannels are quite comfortable. They are heavy duty and not great for yard work in Florida’s summers, but they aren’t overly burdensome. They are quite soft, and I don’t typically wear a shirt under my flannel shirts.

Go Everywhere Flannels

They fit well, are comfortable, conceal a gun well, and they are also durable. Shirts from Dixxon Flannel Co can take some severe abuse, and they don’t tear, rip, or give at all. I’ve worn them in various situations, and they’ve been under battle belts, plate carriers, slings, and even up in tree stands.

I mean Fred Bear said it best, “The best camouflage is sit down and shut up. Your grandpa hunted deer in a red plaid coat.” These flannels can take abuse and keep on coming.

Lastly, a big reason I love Dixxon flannels is the way my girlfriend looks wearing one and nothing else.

The Hawaiian

With summer coming up, keep an eye out for my thoughts on the Hawaiian. Initial thoughts are that it’s comfortable, medium weight, and perfect for the coming hootenanny.


Note: This article originally appeared on Breach-Bang-Clear in March 2020.

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