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The Sworn Swords of Morning Wood - it is sort of a brutish bunch that wears the House sigil.
August 28, 2018
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Know what’s cool? Being a House Morningwood Bannerman. Of all our Sworn Swords, it is the Bannermen who usually do the most work from the least thanks. But that’s okay, they still get to make fun of those mud-grubbing, miserable peasant Smallfolk! And of course, they’re a part of our Tactical Buyers Club!

$5/month. Mad discount codes and loot opportunities.

House Morningwood bannermen

Bend the knee and raise your flag with Morning Wood. Become one of our Bannermen.

🚩The Tactical Buyers Club: Gear, Guns, and Service discounts and coupon codes on Patreon.

“We vow that you shall always have a place in our hall, and bbq and bourbon at our table. We pledge to ask no service of you that might bring you dishonor, we mostly just want your money and some friends to go drinking, brawling, or defending freedom with. We swear it by the Old Gods and the New and more importantly by Capt. America.”

Find House Morningwood loot at — including a Sworn Sword shirt and other wonderous apparel.

Admire House Clegane? Think Sandor would look good humping a Mk48 or kicking doors? Check out Anachrobellum for Game of Thrones shirts.

Sworn Swords: see other ways to bend the knee!

There are 6 tiers to our Patreon supporters. This is the Bannermen “privileges” page.

  1. Smallfolk ($1/month)
  2. Bannermen ($5/month)
  3. Hedge Knights ($10/month)
  4. Bastard Knights ($13.69/month)
  5. Landed Knights ($25/month, also called “Knight Bannermen”)
  6. Lords/Ladies ($50/month)



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