The Hedge Knight | Morningwood Sworn Sword

The oft-reviled Hedge Knight gets far less glory and respect than those of better circumstances or nobler birth…despite putting far more foot to ass than just about anyone else out there.

Sure, they have to live and fight in shitty conditions.

A hedge knight in the weather.

And yes, they’re a little expendable.

Hedge knight fighting in the rain

Okay, maybe a lot expendable.

Hedge Knights are expendable: House Morningwood
Bend the knee. Swear your…well, whatever, to House Morningwood!

But it’s a worthy job…and not just for grunts!

And at $10/month for all these benefits, why wouldn’t ya?

Seriously, Ernie Pyle would’ve written about these guys; Bill Mauldin would have drawn cartoons about ’em.

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Find House Morningwood loot at — including the Hedge Knight shirt and good kit too…like the Raven Eidolon.

Brodie helmet worn by WWI era hedge knight infantry (cinemagraph).
What you see here are WWI era Hedge Knights in their characteristic brodie helmets.

Admire House Clegane? Think Sandor would look good humping a Mk48 or kicking doors? Check out “Anachrobellum” for Game of Thrones shirts.

Sworn Swords: see other ways to bend the knee!

A hedge knight in the air
This is another sort of modern Hedge Knight – not all of whom wear uniforms, by the way.

There are 6 tiers to our Patreon supporters. This is the Hedge Knight “privileges” page.

        1. Smallfolk ($1/month)
        2. Bannermen ($5/month)
        3. Hedge Knights ($10/month)\
        4. Bastard Knights ($13.69/month)
        5. Landed Knights ($25/month, also called “Knight Bannermen”)
        6. Lords/Ladies ($50/month)




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