Medieval Knights Helmet Decanter

Medieval Knights Helmet Decanter
August 20, 2020
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As far as decanters go unless you are storing your booze in the skulls of your enemies you likely can’t come up with a more classy booze storage device for your war room then the Medieval Knights Helmet Decanter.

If this thing doesn't scream opulence and grandeur I don't know what does!

If this thing doesn’t scream opulence and grandeur I don’t know what does!

Not only does it have a decanter inside the helmet but it has room for 4 shot glasses so you can share a victory drink with your battle buddies.

The metal work on the Medieval Knights Helmet Decanter is also very well done.

The metalwork on the Medieval Knights Helmet Decanter is also very well done.

We never thought it was possible to have a toss-up in our heads on the globe booze storage but now the knights helmet might just be edging it out.


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