Medieval Knights Helmet Decanter

Medieval Knights Helmet Decanter

As far as decanters go unless you are storing your booze in the skulls of your enemies you likely can’t come up with a more classy booze storage device for your war room then the Medieval Knights Helmet Decanter.

If this thing doesn't scream opulence and grandeur I don't know what does!
If this thing doesn’t scream opulence and grandeur I don’t know what does!

Not only does it have a decanter inside the helmet but it has room for 4 shot glasses so you can share a victory drink with your battle buddies.

The metal work on the Medieval Knights Helmet Decanter is also very well done.
The metalwork on the Medieval Knights Helmet Decanter is also very well done.

We never thought it was possible to have a toss-up in our heads on the globe booze storage but now the knights helmet might just be edging it out.

Light the Ramparts with the Siege | Streamlight Lantern Rundown

Streamlight Lantern Review - House Morningwoodv

We have tried far too many battery powered lanterns over the years. In fact [warning: nerd reference], we could probably build the entire lantern horde from Kingdom Death Monster. That’s an extremely fun but exceptionally frustrating board game, btw.

Thankfully the one lantern to rule them all has finally been found. It’s not only a great piece of kit, it has a badass name.

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A Two Wheeled Upgrade to the Liv Invite | Velocipedagoguery

Melissa Georgesson hefting a Liv Invite bicycle. House Morningwood | Rise Before Dawn.

Though I can (and do) run every day, I thought biking wasn’t for me. Despite his Hodor-like size and general gracelessness, I just couldn’t keep up with 2CentTac. I would huff and wheeze like I was dying.


Before I gave up on the idea (mostly because I’m stubborn), I upgraded to a much newer dandy horse (velocipede? penny farthing?) — I bought a Liv Invite.  It seemed like it would do everything I needed it to do.

Bam! Appearances were not deceiving. It was like night and day.

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Mantrackers and Gunslingers | Gunslingers Who Are Mantrackers

One of the things we want to highlight here on the House Morningwood blog, at least from time to time, is stuff our sworn swords, writers, photographers, flunkies, former contributors, and assorted other allies do elsewhere.

They do some badass stuff, all over the damn place, and not just where you’d think to see ’em either.

This particular case is something Mike Searson wrote for Gunslingers magazine. Though our Trails Found event was a couple years ago, it’s still producing content.  In this case, a spotlight on legendary tracker Jim Grasky of Trails Found and our very own Freddy Osuna of Greenside Training.

Nice work, Mike!

If you want a back edition of this article you can pick one up in digital or print here. FInd Mike on Instagram, @mikespartansearson.