Instagram models who can shoot (and fight, and lift)

Alex Zedra prepping mags to go shoot
June 27, 2019
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If you’re on the ‘gramz at all, you’ve no doubt seen one or more these Instagram models – or badass women, depending on how you want to label. They appear in their own pics, modeling for someone else’s pics, from an action-type or post-apocalyptic calendar, or any one of several manufacturers (like Goat Guns).

In today’s Thursday 3Some 3×3: Alex Zedra, Camille Dougherty, and The Alpha Chick.

Brainy, ballsy, and badass women. All of ’em.


Alex Zedra

Alex Zedra is an extraordinary young lady well known in the firearms community. A First Phorm athlete, she is also a gamer who can be found on as 🎮 alex_zedra.

Instagram models: Alex Zedra

We admire pretty girls and nice guns as much as the next person, but they’re better when one knows her way around the other – as Alex Zedra ably demonstrates here.

Interestingly, she’s as much a fan of Rising of the Shield Hero (盾の勇者の成り上がり ) as she is of coffee, Five Guys burgers, and A Salt Rifles.

Instagram models: Alex Zedra

Get it? “A Salt Rifle”?

You might also check out her (their?) “Gun Otaku” site: (@gunotaku).

Alex Zedra is also very popular in the online gaming community.

Follow Zedra on Instagram, @alex_zedra.



Camille Dougherty

Camille Dougherty is a serving military officer who lifts when she’s not in school (which appears to be now, since she recently earned her Masters Degree) and quotes the likes of Anatole France, Margaret Thatcher, and Harper Lee.

There is a lot to like about a combination like that in a woman.

Girls with guns: Instagram model Camille Dougherty

Dougherty looks good in any outfit or location – which is good, considering the love of her self-professed wanderlust.

Instagram models: Camille Dougherty in a pic from Robcano Photo

Instagram models: Camille Dougherty in a pic from Robcano Photo, from a calendar shoot. (We’re pretty sure she doesn’t dress this way on the range for real.)

The hottest instagram models: Camille Dougherty

Follow Dougherty on Instagram, @doughertyc.




The Alpha Chick

Lastly, from the sun-drenched reaches of distant Floriday, the “Alpha Chick.” This Tampa-based badass beauty (see that alliteration?) is fluent Russian, Romanian, gym-speak, and Second Amendment.

Instagram models: The Alpha Chick (Olika)

📷 by

One of the things we particularly like about her (and trust us, there are many) is her choice of hashtags: including #specialkindofpainintheass. That has a compelling sound does it not?

Instagram models: The Alpha Chick (Olika)

In T.A.C.’s words, “If you’re not sweating like a pig after a workout, you might wanna power walk yo ass right back into the gym and put in work!”


Freestyle Muay Thai anyone?

She’s on Instagram at @the_alpha_chick.

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    Dang, this are some tough women. I love them all. Beautiful to the Core.



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