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Qyburn - children - Pycelle
February 1, 2018
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Qyburn had the right idea when he took control of the “little birds” who previously served Lord Varys as Master of Whispers. In fact, we thought it was such a good idea (on the part of both spymasters) that we conscripted our own child army.

Qyburn children

BLUF: If you see a post on any of our social channels with the hashtag #QyburnKids, it was either put there by our spawn, a niece or nephew, or similar young flunky.

We’re all about child labor.  We think hard work builds character.

We’ve assigned them some specific companies for online marketing and affiliate sales and are walking them through all the business/admin stuff (*like quarterly taxes) as we go.

Any 💰💰💰 they bring in with those affiliate links is their own. You see, we’re also all about capitalism.

You say “sweatshop.”

We say, “…teaching them the value of hard work.”

Row well and be rewarded! Qyburn Kids at work.

We believe in the value of hard work as it contributes to a young person’s developmental process.

We’ll update this post with images of the progeny in question soon.

Qyburn - children murder Grand Maester Pycelle


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