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Weapon Outfitters Alice Exx Collection
May 29, 2018
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Weapon Outfitters is a small American business in the Pacific Northwest. They have excellent taste in equipment and an admirable eye for those who display their ordnance.

As we are about to show you.

This is Weapon Outfitters model Alice Exx. Here she is carrying a 13.7 in. build with BE Meyers 249F muzzle device and Lancer Systems Advanced Warfighter Magazine.  (We think that’s the “translucent dark earth” AWM, but can’t tell for sure.)

Weapon Outfitters Alice Exx Collection

Ballistic Advantage Hanson barrel (14 in.) built on a 2A Armament receiver, with Centurion Arms modular rail.

Weapon Outfitters Alice Exx Collection

Here we see a 14 in. Ballistic Advantage Hanson barrel (the suppressor optimized version) paired up with a 12 in. Centurion Arms modular rail.

Weapon Outfitters Alice Exx Collection

Switching to traditional black on a non-traditional rifle, here Alice is carrying a Hodge Defense carbine with a Zero Bravo M-LOK reversible hand stop (and of course a traditional USGI type aluminum magazine). Weapon Outfitters carries all kinds of magazines.

Weapon Outfitters Alice Exx Collection

This is AOR69 camo covering that blaster, and little else. Hanson 14 in. barrel build.

Weapon Outfitters Alice Exx Collection

Triarc Systems 16 in. TRACK rifling (polygonal 4150 CMV) barrel in a 15 in. CMR. And a bitchin’ scarf.

Weapon Outfitters Alice Exx Collection

Changing her AO a bit, Alice is now carrying a Glock 19 with a red dot and assorted internal goodies (and a Balor). The BALOR hails from Raven Concealment Systems. It’s a precision slide plate adapter that provides a secure, non-permanent MRDS mounting solution for your pistol.

Weapon Outfitters Alice Exx Collection

This is just one of several images from the WO Fallout themed shoot.

Weapon Outfitters Alice Exx Collection

Another from the Fallout shoot. Note there is a rifle in this picture.  WO says,

“This rifle is a BA Hanson 14.0″ suppressor optimized barrel. It did some well with the SOCOM I ended up building a second rifle to work with the notoriously gassy AAC M4-2000… still functioned amazingly. The 14.0” Hanson uses a carbine length gas system with a restricted gas port, similar to how 300 BLK barrels will use shorter gas systems to better handle wild swings with gas port pressures thanks to ammunition variance and suppressor use. The main quirk with the system is that you can use a lot lighter buffer than you’re used to: just a CAR or H buffer works best.”

It’s good to support small business – especially if there are gun nerds who are also nerd-nerds involved. That’s just one reason we like working with Weapon Outfitters. It doesn’t hurt that they carry 150 brands.

If you’re wanting to check out the full NSFW collection, you’ll have to head over to Weapon Outfitters and sign up.

Visit Weapon Outfitters to find the full collection of imagery.

Weapon Outfitters is on Facebook, /weaponoutfitters/ and the ‘gramz, @weaponoutfitters.  


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