New tactical shirts from RE Factor call for a cruelty party

Cruelty Party - celebrating the new cruelty shirts from RE Factor Tactical with @xo_breane_xo

Archilochus had a way with words.

Archilochus on Cruelty

It’s a cruelty party

We here at Castle Morningwood are downright festive. This one-liner from the philosopher Archilochus is a great credo. That cruelty can take many forms, from shooting some villain in the face to just putting his head on a spike atop the battlements.

Cruelty Party - celebrating the new cruelty shirts from RE Factor Tactical

[cover photo @xo_breane_xo]

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No Mercy In Meereen | Episode 4

No Mercy in Meereen Episode 4 - Tactical Tyrion - House Morningwood

Continued from Episode 3.

The bastards Jorah had been speaking of e were all local warlords. Most had taken to calling themselves the “Bloody Masters”, a brutal echo of the Great, Good and Wise Masters who had once ruled Meereen, Astapor and Yunkai respectively. Appropriately named, they were a bloodthirsty and capricious lot, capable of astonishing cruelties and even worse depravities. Some of them were former soldiers, some the scions of fallen Meereense clans—Rhezeen, Reznak, Lorrq and the like – others still were just murderers with a willingness to torture and kill and the charisma to compel others to follow.

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Red Alice Ten Times | Weapon Outfitters On Display (NNSFW)

Weapon Outfitters Alice Exx Collection

Weapon Outfitters is a small American business in the Pacific Northwest. They have excellent taste in equipment and an admirable eye for those who display their ordnance.

As we are about to show you.

This is Weapon Outfitters model Alice Exx. Here she is carrying a 13.7 in. build with BE Meyers 249F muzzle device and Lancer Systems Advanced Warfighter Magazine.  (We think that’s the “translucent dark earth” AWM, but can’t tell for sure.)

Weapon Outfitters Alice Exx Collection

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No Mercy in Mereen | Episode 1

No Mercy in Meereen - Tactical Tyrion - Episode 1

What would it be like if Meereen went the way of Mogadishu, with modern weaponry? It would be a shitshow, that’s a certainty. This is a story about a PMC dealing with just such a shitshow (serialized in several parts).  Some of them may or may not wear the sigil of House Morningwood

No Mercy in Meereen

episode 1
episode 2

Long streams of tracer licked out from the shoulders of the Great Pyramid, lethal and languid.

Answering streams lashed back in graceful coils in an orgy of color, some from the streets, more from the ruined dome of the Temple of Graces. Lilac tracers of Tyrosh contested with Braavosi blue, both dueling the angry green of Volantis.

Moments later came the distant chatter of machine-guns, echoing across the sluggish brown water of the Skahazadhan. With it came a stirring of breeze, heavy with the river stink, old mud and new sewage, and the filthy brine of Slaver’s Bay.

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