S&B Watches

S&B Watches has declared for Morning Wood!

Smith and Bradley Watches
The S&B Watches “Atlantis Pro.”

Huzzah! We’re proud to announce that S&B Watches (formerly Smith & Bradley) is now a part of the HMW Tactical Buyer Club! That’s right – you’ll have access to some badass restricted prices and purchase opportunities…if you’re one of our backers on Patreon, that is.

S&B Watches is a true American watch company headquartered in Sidney, Illinois. They build high-quality sport and tactical watches engineered for performance and rugged style, intended to convert everyone they meet to a watch fanatic.

That’s some glad tidings, eh?

Here’s a look at some of what is available from S&B Watches watches.

Smith and Bradley Watches
An upcoming S&B Watches release, expected in the Spring. It’s a dive watch, an evolution of the Atlantis with a ceramic dial.
Smith & Bradley Watches
The Springfield GMT…and a little DPX knife action!
Defi Scout fromSmith and Bradley Watches
The DEFI Scout, headed to help slaughter some fish.
S&B watches tracking with Greenside Training
You may remember seeing this blacked-out S&B Watches Atlantis a couple years back on social media during a Greenside Training class in Maryland. Greenside’s Freddy Osuna, noted mantracker and tactical tracking instructor, was there working with LEOs from several regional agencies.

Find ’em online: S&B Watches.

BUT FIRST! Sworn Swords check in here.


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