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Nobody needs an introduction to Lucille, the barbed wire wrapped beauty who went from America’s pastime to brutal killer. Want to meet some of her cousins, though?

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Check out Primal Concepts. They’ve taken the most cudgel-suitable part of America’s Pastime, thrown in a few vicious spikes or lengths of Joe Glidden’s baby to create some beautiful (if brutal) works of art.

Note: that lead image is Ms. @Lexi.Ciara. Images below are all courtesy of Primal Concepts on social media. 

  1. 1. Can you ever go wrong with the red, white, and blue?

2. Some people add knives, axes, and all assortment of blades to their kit. Why not a bat?

3. Good booze and good craftsmanship, whats not to love?

4. There are a wide variety of choices of bats, from the weird goth girl at the hot topic to their BAT15, although civilians shouldn’t be able to buy military grade assault bats. Right? Right…

5. They match any outfit for any occasion.

6. If your bat isn’t stabby enough, try a knife bat.

We’ll back after this commercial interruption.

Sights designed by an IPSC World Champion, many-time USPSA Grandmaster, and IDPA Distinguished Master: 
Robert Vogel - Bob Vogel Sights

Getcha some of these!

Aaaaaaand, we’re back.

7. Here are some more of their BAT15s, they even have rails if you need an optic for that extra bit of precision.

8. You need more knife bat in your life, have some more knife bat.

9. It’s not commonly known that a lot of the founding fathers actually carried bats. Alexander Hamilton was known to break a kneecap or two when the Red Coats were being punk-ass bitches.

10. Boba Bat, don’t throw a Fett about it.

11. And of course, we also have the classic Lucile.

You can find Primal Concepts on the ‘grams, @primalconcepts. Go buy yourself one of their beautifully brutal bats:  http://primalconcepts.net/implements/.

Now, buy a shirt. 

A shotgunner wearing a black mag tee.
Black Mag – does it fit the shottie? No, but we don’t care, he has a bayonet.

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