9 Axes Handmade for Hewing

House Morningwood Presents | 9 Axes Handmade for Hewing
October 1, 2020

Axes. We like axes of all types, but the best kinds are the ones used to wreak bloody havoc upon your enemies. Well, unless they have cake.

We especially like them when handmade by a gifted craftsman — like that of Arizona-based Raven Customs.

Raven Customs is the work of Aaron Prudler, now of Bisbee, named for the clever birds that feature prominently both in the Bible and Norse mythology.

“Never walk away from home ahead of your axe and sword. You can’t feel a battle in your bones or foresee a fight.”  The Hávamál

Three and a half pounds of heft, hand-crafted for hewing. It sports a double bit head atop a gorgeous 21 in. hickory handle, with a leather scabbard.

⇑ Mini-hatchet built as a birthday present for one of his friends.

The squads of mailed horsemen plowed through the loose knots of Picts like an armored thunderbolt. At their fore rode Conan, his gory axe held in the crook of his left arm, so that the wizard’s severed head thrust up above his head, a ghastly standard. With his good right hand, he held the reins and guided the charger he had commandeered…  

[Sagas of Conan: Conan the Swordsman, Conan the Liberator, Conan and the Spider God, L.Sprague de Camp, Lin Arter, and  Björn Nyberg.]

⇑⇑ Part of “Grandpa’s Hatchet” collection. As you can imagine, it was sold almost as quickly as he posted it to Instagram. This was 1 1/4 lbs., with a Norlund head on a custom 12 3/4 in. hickory handle in a distressed vintage maple finish.

Axes Clanging - from Cobra Cobretti Movie

⇓⇓ A work in progress here. This is a Raven Customs hatchet with a 1 ft. handle.

At that moment some dozen Orcs that had lain motionless among the slain leaped to their feet, and came silently and swiftly behind. Two flung themselves to the ground at  Éomer’s heels, tripped him, and in a moment they were on top of him. But a small dark figure that none had observed sprang out of the shadows and gave a hoarse shout: Baruk Khazâd! Khazâd ai-mênu! An axe swung and swept back. Two Orcs fell headless. The rest fled.

[The Two Towers; J.R.R. Tolkien.]

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Men run forth in madness,
mowing ranks of foemen;
battle tumult bellows;
blood is red on ax-heads;
greedily the gray wolf
gorges with the raven.

Skafloc, singing as he takes up Motsognir’s work [The Broken Sword, by Poul Anderson]

A bearded belt hatchet, with a 1 lb. head and what he describes as a rock finish. The handle is a foot long and handbuilt from a piece of hickory.

Like how those looks? Good. Shows you have good taste.

Go check out Raven Customs (@raven_customs) and maybe get an ax for yourself.

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