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September 3, 2022
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By Ryan Houtekamer

In our continued goal of telling you about all of Mystery Ranch’s new bags for 2022, we bring you the Mystery Ranch Gunfighter 24. We previously talked about its smaller sibling the Gunfighter 14 and now the larger bag which holds a whole ten extra liters and a different zipper configuration that feels like a wider opening version of the 3-Day Assault Pack

Let’s dig into the features of this new bag in Mystery Ranch’s Assault Pack line.

The Gunfighter 24 is the TALL version of the Gunfighter 14

Mystery Ranch Gunfighter 24

Features and Layout

Starting on the top of the bag we see a very similar zipper configuration to the Gunfighter 14 which uses the Rip Zip top where after undoing a single buckle the lid of the pack can be quickly torn open. Things differ though in the addition of two more zippers at the bottom making this pack what they call a 4-Zip. These additional zippers really make the bag open up especially at the bottom making the contents of the pack easy to find.

Outside of this expansion, the outside of the bag looks like the stretch limousine version of the Gunfighter 14. The bag has the familiar Velcro patch area on the top where you could pick up some sweet morale patches from 2 Cent Tactical and help some veterans charities (shameless self-promotion but for a good cause).

The top of the lid has a grab handle for hefting your pack or you if things go pear-shaped. You also get the pass-through slot so you can run antennas or hydration bladder lines through.

The end of every zipper has a loop of webbing that acts as a zipper garage and a tie-down point for any gear you don’t want to drop.

The laser-cut PALS webbing is a great weight-saving option that doesn’t reduce the overall strength.

The bottom of the bag has a pouch with two zippers for storing some smaller quick-access items. Inside the larger zippered area you get some mesh pockets with elastic to keep your gear from falling out but larger items can just be tossed into the pouch.

The sides of the bag have two water bottle pockets that can hold anything from tins of chew, smoke grenades, or life-sustaining hydration. Above these on each side of the bag is a section of laser-cut PALS webbing to attach your MOLLE pouches to like a spare tourniquet holder or multitool pouch.

The lower zipper pulls have toggles to lock into the wings making the top the only open option if needed.

The back of the bag is plastered in 3D Spacer Mesh to aid in cooling since you will likely be pretty active while using this bag. The straps are the contoured ones you should expect from Mystery Ranch at this point.

What you don’t get is the Futura harness you’ll find on larger packs, which means you’ll sacrifice some adjustability for height. This pack does come with a hip strap but is likely mostly for stabilizing the bag so it doesn’t move around when running. You also get a sternum strap (which in our opinion almost every pack needs).

On the MultiCam version, all of the webbing is MultiCam branded webbing and on the Coyote version, you can expect coyote-colored webbing like you would expect.

All the spacer mesh for your cooling needs.

Inside of the bag, you get a hydration pouch toggle at the top which is needed in a bag this size. On each wing of the bag, you will find a zippered mesh pocket that you can easily identify the contents of. Each pocket has a space behind it you can stuff long items to keep them out of the way.

A rolled-up tarp fits well in a place like this. Each wing also has a D-Ring at the top for extra tie-down potential but is also used for the toggles on the lower two zipper pulls. These allow you to lock the lower zippers up so they can’t be brought down by running the toggle through the zipper.

And, in case you need it, you have some more PALS webbing inside of the bag for more of your pouches or even clipping on a pen or knife.

The inside of the bag may be spartan but it has spaces for the necessities and of course a hydration toggle.

All in this seems like a perfect larger version of a short mission-specific bag. Something that would be perfect for patrols where you will be returning to a vehicle or FOB. You get a bit more space than with the Gunfighter 14 but you aren’t carrying a full-sized ruck or 3-Day Pack that you will probably overfill (ask us how we know). 

You can pick these up from Rampart in Canada through their Shield program and they currently have the Gunfighter 14 in both colors and the 24 in Coyote. In the states, you can head to the Mystery Ranch website  or visit one of their dealers to pick up one of their new Assault Packs or even the ever-popular classics.

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