Dog Rescues: Finding Your Fido

August 26, 2020
Categories:Stuff and Things

There are many great dog rescues out there. Some are big organizations, some small, and others still are focused on a particular breed. Regardless, we appreciate and support ’em. Well, most of them. One of the organizations we like is Dogs on the Move, though there are certainly many others worth mention (or backing).

We’ll be adding to this page over time as our ops tempo allows. If we personally vouch for an organization, we’ll say so. In many cases, we’ll just be posting a place/person we’ve heard or read about.

Inclusion here is not necessarily a recommendation: perform your due diligence. There are some big pet-related organizations out there that are a little sus. Watch out for ’em.

Oh, and if you happen to be reading this on August 26th, happy National Dog Day!



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