Boobs are best: you’re engineered to love ’em.

Boobs. There’s an undeniable pre-disposition to why you love ’em, true story. In fact, you’ll find several indisputable scientific explanations about why they’re so compelling in the text, video, and pictures below.

You’re not alone. We love boobs too.

Staring at boobs is one of our favorite pastimes (and good for our health).
Staring at boobs – she might not understand why we do it, but (properly informed) you can educate her!

Movement attracts the eye (as any good soldier knows). Here’s proof.

Bouncing boobs - it is hard to look away from them.

Maybe that’s why we especially focus in on bouncing boobs. Like these.

Bouncing boobs gif

(See what we did there?)

Watch this.

He makes a great point, right? This does look like a warm, secure place.

The best boobs are pretty much any boobs.

Or, a safe harbor for motor boating.

Huge boobs for motor boating

More on the topic of motor boating later.

Now, because we know that looking at boobs is actually likely to extend your lifespan, we’ve compiled a few for you to include in your diet and health regimen.

Warning: boobs ahead (SFW)
Warning: boobs ahead. (SFW, mostly)

Ah, bouncing boobs. Sometimes it’s the gentle undulations of everyday life.

Bouncing boobs


Other times it’s the result of athletic activity or strenuous action. Like a brisk morning jog.

bouncing boobs

Or a relaxing bicycle ride.

Bouncing boobs

Or running for cover during a Nerf battle.

Boobs running and bouncing almost in slow motion

Or when you’re out on the range.

Boobs bouncing while out on the range
We sincerely hope she doesn’t get any hot brass down in that cleavage.

Or…whatever the hell this is.

Big boobs bouncing

Best boobs

What’re the best boobs? Well, the ones you can see of course. BUT, some boobs have more freedom than others. That definitely puts them in the category of best boobs. 

Some of the best boobs are freedom boobs

Some of the best boobs are freedom boobs

Some of the best boobs are freedom boobs

Bouncing boobs can be a little dangerous.

Big boobs bouncing while putting on jeans

We sure hope that poor girl doesn’t black her eye.

Oh, and remember when we talked about motor boating earlier? That’s just good, clean fun! If you’re allowed to do it, we recommend you do. Probably ought to ask permission first, though.

Huge boobs for motorboating
We like to motorboat boobs too. And according to Cosmopolitan’s Sexopedia, we’re not alone.
Bouncing boobs gif
Girls do it too – it’s not like we’re the only ones who enjoy it.

Always get permission. Or you might get boob-smacked.

Huge boobs gif: boob-slapped

That’s it for today. Be assured, we shall be updating this periodically.

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