10 Reasons We Like Amazons | Frightened and Aroused

February 14, 2018
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Penthiselea, Trigona, Euboea, Aella, Menalippe…they’re hawt.

Same as Hannah Duston, Bibi Dalair Kaur, Rose Kabuye, and Julia Bringloe.

The release of the Justice League feature film a few months ago, and its pending availability on DVD (should be here in March), has rekindled interest in the Amazons of Themyscira — at least inside House Morningwood’s walls. The story of how the various actresses, stunt-women, and fighters trained to portray the Amazons is a good one, as you can see in the video below (which was shot before the Wonder Woman movie, not Justice League, btw).

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It’s interesting. Plus, we really like watching them train. Spending time with women like this…well, we reckon the scriptwriters crafted this classic line from Sameer (played by Saïd Taghmaoui) very well.

Frightened and aroused - strong women are hot.


– Strong women are dangerous.

– Dangerous women confident.

– Confident women are sexy.


We make no apologies for find strong, proficient women who can lead or fight (or shoot) arousing. Now, for the inaugural installment of the series Frightened and Aroused. 

10 Reasons We Like Watching Amazons Train 

1. These women.

House Morningwood - Frightened and Aroused Amazons


2. And these women.

House Morningwood - Frightened and Aroused Amazons

3. These women too (and her hat).

House Morningwood - Frightened and Aroused Amazons

4. This woman’s abs and thighs (and pony-tail).

House Morningwood - Frightened and Aroused Amazons

5. These women (and that woman’s expression).

House Morningwood - Frightened and Aroused Amazons

6. This woman’s arms, legs, back, and grit.

House Morningwood - Frightened and Aroused Amazons

7. This woman’s speed and willingness to take a hit while training.

Here’s the documentary:

Training Amazons for the Wonder Woman movies.

8. These women’s intensity.

9. This woman’s unwillingness to quit.

10. These women’s attitude.

Strong Women Intimidate Boys and Excite Men

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  1. Sgt. CHAOS

    Who want’s a princess when you can have a shield maiden, covered in the blood of her enemies….


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