The Bile Titan: A Helldivers’ Colossal Threat

Bile Titan surrounded by other Terminids. This image is from the Helldivers II trailer.
April 6, 2024
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Let’s talk about the bugs, especially the biggest ones. A Bile Titan is the highest level of bugs available at the moment in the Terminid faction. It has four very tall legs connected to its body, which closely resembles a Bile Spewer on stilts. The Bile Titan has two main ways to stop a Helldiver from spreading freedom. The first way is their melee attack, where they stomp the ground and crush you. The other way (which has killed me the most) is when they shoot out a large stream of bile from their mouth. This attack does a considerable amount of damage and can kill you quickly if you don’t have your head in the game.

First Impressions with The Bile Titans

Playing Helldivers II has been some of the most fun that I have had gaming in a while. Getting together with the boys and spreading democracy is the only pastime worth having. I prefer to fight on the Terminid front, where the Bile Titan calls home. It took me a while to figure out the best way to kill them. In the beginning, when I first started playing, I used to just throw all of my stratagems at the Titan to see what worked the best. Many good Helldivers were lost in the pursuit of liberation.

Helldiver is running from Bile Titan, which is about to spew bile. This image was sourced from Screen Rant.

Helldiver is running from Bile Titan, which is about to spew bile. This image was sourced from Screen Rant.

The Bile Titans can change the course of a high-ranking mission. One minute, you are completing the main objective with little resistance; the next minute, you see that six Bile Titans have spawned and are closing in on your position. It makes for a rough time trying to run away from them while waiting for your stratagems to cool down.

Bile Titans can be found on Terminid-controlled planets in the eastern sectors of the galaxy. These lumbering giants became a regular threat on Challenging difficulty and above in the beginning before they fixed their spawn rate; even now still, they can cause major issues. They can also spawn randomly on Hard difficulty and beyond, making any mission a potential encounter with this elite unit.

Armored and Acidic

The Bile Titan’s immense size is matched only by its resilience. Its exterior armor plating is similar to that of the Charger, which shrugs off most attacks. However, this walking monstrosity has a few vulnerabilities a seasoned  Helldiver can exploit for a quick victory. The glowing underbelly is a weak point, marked by a sickly green glow. It is less armored than the rest of its body. Focusing fire here can cripple the beast but be warned – destroying the underbelly also triggers a massive explosion, so ensure you’re at a safe distance when it bursts. More importantly, this explosion destroys the Bile Titan’s bile sacs, permanently disabling its most devastating attack.

The Bile Titan’s gaping mouth is another weak point. Landing a critical hit right behind the mouth can deal significant damage, but aiming for this target requires bravery and steady aim, especially as the Titan thrashes its head around. The Bile Titan’s green spray of acidic bile deals massive area-of-effect damage and can melt through armor in seconds. Destroying the underbelly is paramount to mitigating this threat. If the Titan does unleash its bile, leapinf away (by pressing alt) is a sure way to avoid a painful demise.

A helldiver throwing an orbital laser at a Bile Titan. This image is from IGN.

A helldiver throwing an orbital laser at a Bile Titan. This image is from IGN.

Stratagems for the Suicidal

Taking down a Bile Titan requires teamwork, coordination, and the right strategies. Here’s a breakdown of some effective options; keep in mind that as the developers constantly improve the game and make balance changes, some of these strategies will become more or less effective as time goes on.

  • The Railgun: A well-placed railgun shot to the face can stagger and heavily damage the Bile Titan. This method is most effective with a coordinated team that focuses fire to bring the beast down quickly. An couple overcharged shots inside their mouth will do the deed as well.
  • The Arc Thrower: A skilled Helldiver with an Arc Thrower can exploit the Titan’s size. By carefully aiming at the underbelly or face, a single, well-placed arc blast can cripple or even kill the Bile Titan. However, the arc’s projectile can be tricky to control, making this a high-risk, high-reward strategy. Pelting them over time, which is not as efficient, will still work eventually.
  • Most Orbital Strikes: Calling down an orbital strike directly on the Bile Titan is often a guaranteed kill, but it’s a last resort. Orbital designations take time, and friendly fire is a very real danger. This option is best used when the Titan is isolated or the mission is nearing the. The orbital laser, 500kg bomb, and orbital rail cannon are great options to obliterate them too.
Helldiver throwing an orbital precision strike at a Bile Titan. This image is from The Gamer.

Helldiver throwing an orbital precision strike at a Bile Titan. This image is from The Gamer.

A Challenge Worthy of Helldivers

The Bile Titan is a formidable foe, a true test of a Helldiver’s skill and courage. Its combination of thick armor and devastating attacks makes it a priority target. By exploiting its weak points, coordinating with your squad, and choosing the right stratagems, you can turn the tide and emerge victorious, even against this monstrous embodiment of Terminid fury. Just remember, a healthy dose of respect and a well-placed grenade launcher never hurt anyone… much.


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