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Tactical Sunglasses Threesome Thursday
October 29, 2020
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Sunglasses are an instant way to make an ugly mug a lot less ugly. Something about a good pair of sunglasses can make you go from a 2 to a 3.5 right quick. Ever since a very pretty gay man told me my baby blues would go blind a lot faster than darker colored eyes, I’ve been concerned about protecting them. I like my eyes; without them, how can I see boobs? With that in mind, today’s Threeway is all about sunglasses, or rather — tac glasses.

STNGR Alpine

STNGR is traditionally a AR 15 handguard company. They make affordable but high-end AR 15 rails that I’ve tossed on a few of my rifles. They are smart enough to seek out some vertical integration and are building their name in both red dots and sunglasses. STNGR sent me a set of their Alpine sunglasses, and for the price, they are an impressive set of glasses.

STINGR Alpine Sunglasses

The Ballistic ANSI Z87.1 Certified lenses are ultra-clear with 100% UV protection. They provide two levels of protection behind a stylish design. The lenses are polarized, and the frames have a 110-degree hinge system that does a great job of pinning the glasses to your head. The nose piece is adjustable and replaceable for comfort and because shit wears out. The Alpine glasses come with four different lens options, and the frames come in every color as long as it’s black.

The Alpine sunglasses have one small fault, and that’s my big-ass head. They aren’t the friendliest glasses for those of us with big noggins. I got a big head, and the Alpine sunglasses are comfortable, but they look a little silly on my big ass head.

Magpul Terrain

Magpul, like STNGR, was known as a firearm accessory company, and then they expanded. Magpul is a massive company that produces a little bit of everything in the gun world. The Terrain sunglasses are one of four sets of glasses Magpul is producing and are my current favorite. They are protective tactical sunglasses with a wrap-around design and exceeds Z87+ and MIL-PRF 32432 standards.

Magpul Terrain Sunglasses

These glasses come in half a dozen different lens types and colors. The Magpul Terrain sunglasses also come in polarized and non-polarized models as well. The Terrain is comfortable for my big ass head and also doesn’t look too small. They are incredibly comfortable, and I’ve been wearing them for years. These glasses are super comfortable, and the case they come with is quite handy as well.

Travis Pike wearing Magpul Terrain tac glasses.

These are not cheap sunglasses, but the cost has proven to be an investment since they’ve lasted so damn long. They fit under glasses, helmets, and hats comfortably and are perfect for the range and everyday wear. I also use them as metalworking eye pro. Some of the scratches are caused by a slipped 80% lower jig and a tricky drill press.

5.11 Tactical Tomcat Glasses

Let’s toss a classic American design into this sunglasses threesome. While the last two glasses have been modern, wrap-around polymer frame cool guy glasses, the 5.11 Tomcats are aviators and made with a metal frame and the classic Aviator design. These silver-sided tac glasses are old-school cool. These are off-duty wear and not necessarily the best for total eye protection. I’d wear them at the range, but not in the Helmand province.

Travis Pike wearing 5.11 Tactical Tomcat tac glasses.

The 5.11 Tactical Tomcat tactical sunglasses have polarized lenses and complete UV protection. These glasses are super comfy, especially on my big head. Aviators and big heads go together well, and these help hide the size of my noggin well. The classic design also goes with casual to formal, or even gym wear.

5.11 Tactical Tomcat tac glasses and hearing protection

The 5.11 Tomcat tactical sunglasses are simple, stylish, and plenty affordable for everyday wear.

Sunglasses for All

Protect your eyes, folks. The good lord might have seen fit to give you two of them, but that’s no excuse to waste one. Sunglasses are a must when you leave the house, and you’d be crazy to face the day without them. The sun is always trying to murder you and your eyes, so do something about it. Until we have the ability to attack the sun, the best you can do is a good defense.

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