Star Wars Patches: 13 morale patches for your gear

Star Wars morale patches
October 12, 2020
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If you are a Star Wars Fan like I am, chances are you might want some Star Wars-themed decor to slap onto your gear. I personally prefer morale patches myself because I can stick them almost anywhere and they look good. That’s why I think you should know about the patches below. They are personally my favorites, and I’ve listed where you could get them. Without ranking them in any particular order, here are 13 Star Wars patches to go with your gear.

Looking for a Mandalorian patch? Check out the Miltacusa Boba Fett Death Card PVC morale patch.

star wars patches mandalorian

PAID TO KILL: a playing card PVC morale patch stylized with a Mandalorian helmet on the face.

Star Wars patches: the Mandalorian emblem

The Mandalorian symbol on a playing card style PVC Star Wars morale patch.


Clone Trooper Helmet Patches

Have a thing for clone troopers instead? Specifically the Phase 1 Troopers?

We found one made by TACOPS Gear that we thought you would enjoy as well.

Clone Trooper PVC Patch made by TacOps Gear

Clone Trooper Patches worth a damn.

For those who don’t know, the Clone Troopers came in 2 phases, Phase 1 Armor and Helmets were only seen during the early years of the Clones, and were phased out by the more prominent Phase 2 Armor, seen in Episode 3.

Phase 1 Clone Trooper PVC Star Wars Patch

This is the main PVC Clone Trooper Patch

PVC Star Wars Patch Clone Troopers

The PVC Clone Trooper patches are 3″ inches in size

Star Wars Clone Trooper Embroidered Morale Patch

The Star Wars Morale Patches also are embroidered if you do not want a PVC patch

Embroidered star wars patches

GID PVC Star Wars Clone Trooper Patches

Some of these Star Wars patches are also Glow in the Dark (GID)



TK-421 Morale Patch

If you’re not a fan of that either and are here to see Star Wars Patches that are humorous, Here you go.

These PVC Morale Patches were made by Violent Little Machine Shop on

Star Wars The Force Awakens: TK-421 Morale patch

Unlike TK-421, you can find this Star Wars patch here.

Finn Holding PVC Star Wars Patch

Even the Rebellion enjoy these PVC patches.

Violent Little Machine Shop's TK-421 Patch

The morale patches also comes in multiple colors.



Commander Cody Clone Morale Patch

Maybe have a thing for Commander Cody? This patch was made by PatchLab

Commander Cody Clone Morale Patch


Commander Cody of the 501st, which briefly spoke to Obi-Wan in Revenge of the Sith.

Commander Cody Clone Morale Patch


Mandolorian MudHorn Patch

Want a star wars patch with a mudhorn skull on it? Also made by PatchLab

Mandolorian MudHorn Patch

Mandolorian MudHorn Patch

CAUTION: make sure to bring a baby Yoda with you when hunting a mudhorn.


Bounty Hunter US Flag Morale Patch

Intimidating, Badass, and Star Wars themed, made by Neo Tactical Gear.

Bounty Hunter US Flag Morale Patch

Completely Embroidered too! You can find this Morale Patch here.

embroidered Bounty Hunter US Flag Morale Patch

Imperial Special Forces Shield Patch

Made by MILtacusa.

Imperial Special Forces Shield Patch

Inferno Squad were the elite squad of black storm troopers you saw on rogue one, and are known for much more in Star Wars lore.

“This is the way” Mandolorian Patch

For Mandolorian Patches, this has to be one of the coolest, made by Patch Brigrade.

"This is the way" Mandolorian Patch

Definitely worth a look.


Hooked Crest Mandolorian Morale Patch

By: MILtacusa

Hooked Crest Mandolorian Morale Patch


Last but not least, the hooked crest that was actually Boba Fett’s crest the Original Trilogy, made into a nice embroidered star wars patch.

I’ll add more as I find them.


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