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Legendary Whitetails Women's Flannel shirt review
July 31, 2022
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We all know the “basic” girl stereotype. Pumpkin Spice Latte? Check. Leggings? Check. Uggs? Check. Scarf? Check. Cute flannel? Check. While it’s easy to tease this ubiquitous look, basic girls are actually on to something; especially with the flannel. It’s soft, it’s comfortable, and most importantly, it’s warm. Legendary Whitetails (I’ll call them LW for short) meets all the criteria.

Legendary Whitetail flannel shirt, yoga pants, Uggs, Starbucks.

My basic girl shot with my flannel, yoga pants, Uggs, and Starbucks

I confess that prior to today, my closet was devoid of any flannel garments whatsoever. That’s because where I live – in seemingly perpetually sunny California – we pretty much have two seasons: Summer and Winter. Being based out of Florida, Legendary Whitetails can probably relate. Considering meteorologists are forecasting record January temperatures pushing close to 70 degrees, you can guess which season California is still identifying as. *SIGH* So I will have to do what I usually do, which is dress for the weather I want, not the weather I have.

I opted for LW’s Cottage Escape flannel. Of the eight various color plaid choices to choose from, I went with the Sangria Plaid because it might as well be the fabric equivalent of a delicious glass of sangria with the vibrant reds, berries, and yellows all harmonizing with the pop of blue and the chambray lined collar and cuffs (an unexpected and stylish detail you don’t often see in basic flannel shirts).

Per the official description on the website, the yarn-dyed, 5.5 ounce, 100% soft cotton flannel is more light-weight, so great for a cooler California day, but probably better as a layering piece for a much colder climate like the Midwest (AKA the flannel capital of the world, right?).

While it has twin chest pockets, they appear merely decorative vs. functional given their small size. My iPhone X sort of fits in it, but does any woman actually put their phones in their front, ahem, chest pockets? I think they exist mainly to achieve the classic flannel look. And I’m totally ok with that.

The quality is definitely there in the construction and finishes.

The cotton is first-rate and coming from a tactile person, truly soft to the touch and nice against the skin. It’s not itchy or scratchy at all, which is an immediate deal-breaker for me.

The custom Legendary buttons look very sturdy and reinforced.

Legendary Whitetail flannel shirt button

The buttons are solid.

Some shirts lose buttons just by looking at them the wrong way. I can’t imagine that happening with these! But should you lose one, an extra button is included on the interior label, which I cut out because I can’t stand tags on the inside of shirts due to the aforementioned itchy scratchy deal breaker.

Overall you can tell Legendary Whitetails didn’t sacrifice on quality, even at the affordable price point of $29.99.

Now for the fit

I know when you think of flannel shirts, you think comfy and loose. You know, kind of like your man’s flannel that you borrow, um, all the time occasionally. The Cottage Escape Flannel is not that. It’s clearly designed for women by being more fitted, which I think is a good thing since it defines your shape instead of being boxy, which to me is never flattering even if it is comfortable.

However, I neglected to read the online reviews from other women who suggested sizing up not just because the flannel is more fitted, but it tends to shrink even after washing it with cold water and air drying it. That’s 100% cotton for you! While I did not size up this time, I sometimes do anyway because full disclosure, I am not the average-sized woman. I am 6’3 so I have ZERO expectations that any shirt that’s not specially made for tall women will be remotely long enough or proportional. As expected, the shirt’s sleeves fall about a couple of inches above my wrists.

Legendary Whitetails Flannels - short sleeve length

Tall girl problems.

This is not a deal-breaker since A) this is how it always is for me, so B) I just roll them up to three-quarter length anyway.

Proportionally, I found the shirt to fit surprisingly well in the shoulders and waist, and lengthwise it falls to just above my hips. While it fit well everywhere else, it was too tight in the chest area for me to button it all the way up without obvious gapping.

Legendary Whitetails Flannel gap at breast area.

Gapping issue.

I am a 36D, so women with smaller chests may not have any issues. Truthfully, I’m not the type who buttons their shirts all the way up anyway.

Legendary Whitetail women's flannel shirt layered over cami.

I prefer to wear a cami underneath and button it up to just below my chest. That will be my work-around for this. Either that or wearing it open with a layering shirt in lieu of the cami.

I briefly debated exchanging it for the next size up, but then I worried it may be looser than I want it in other places, like the shoulders and the waist. So, I opted to keep the one I have and just hope for the best when I wash it. LW believes you should “Love it or send it back,” so it’s good to know they offer return shipping labels should you need to make an exchange for a different size, minus the $6.95 return shipping cost you’ll cover.

Today I wore my flannel paired with a cami, jeans, and my white Converse Chuck Taylor Shoreline slip-on shoes. My husband immediately said I looked like the wife of “The Man in the Woods,” which was him teasing Justin Timberlake’s 2018 flannel-sporting album but to me, a total compliment since – Justin Timberlake – am I right, ladies?!

My eight and 10-year old daughters also complimented my flannel, saying it looked nice and felt soft. Then they said, “You should write that in your review. That it’s soft.” Roger that!

Overall, I am totally #obsessed (woaaah, sorry, just went basic there for a second!) with my Cottage Escape Flannel. The obvious quality at such an affordable price point, the versatility of being able to wear it for hiking, shopping, relaxing around the house, whatever… and the soft, warm, comfortable, stylish, and feminine fit is why I will be definitely ordering other colors, and maybe one of their Legendary flannels that are a stretchier rayon/poly blend instead of 100% cotton.

Either way, go ahead and order yourself one too (or all eight, because why not?) since Legendary Whitetails Flannels are anything but basic!

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