Cryptid Hunters: 3 Ways to Prepare for Your Prey

hunnting cryptids - black and white image of bigfoot.
January 28, 2021
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Cryptids are fascinating creatures. Their very existence is debated, and teams of men and women have dedicated their lives to finding the truth behind these creatures. They exist, or maybe they don’t exist around the world and are often considered legends among local populaces. Well, there is only one way to confirm their existence, and that’s through man’s oldest survival technique: hunting. Today, oh would-be cryptid hunters, we are going to talk about hunting cryptids and what you’d need should you choose to go cryptid hunting!

There are tons of different types of cryptids across and around the world. Now, the world is a big place, so today’s focus is going to be on North America and three of the biggest North American monsters, the Bigfoot, the Chupacabra, and the Skunk Ape. 

Bigfoot – The Cryptid Superstar

Bigfoot is basically as American as Apple Pie at this point. This ape-like creature reportedly stands anywhere from 7 to 9 feet tall and is a muscular 600 pounds of flesh and thick bone structure. The Bigfoot is not a cryptid you want to trifle with, and if you are going bigfoot hunting, you need to consider both your game and your terrain. 

cryptid hunters - bigfoot

Bigfoot is known to accommodate the Pacific North West of the United States and southern Canada. This area is known to be mountainous with beautiful landscapes. It’s also an area where the terrain allows for longer range shots. More range between you a potentially angry ape is better. 

With that in mind, we know we want a rifle. We want a powerful rifle, and we might want a rapid follow up shot if the first one doesn’t do the job. To me, the Benelli R1 in 338 Winchester Magnum is a perfect choice. This semi-auto rifle uses the same gas-operated system as the Benelli M4 and delivers exceedingly potent performance. You have a three-round magazine and a semi-auto design, so you can blast away should one round miss or not stop a raging bigfoot. 

The 338 Winchester Magnum round is a brilliant round for crushing through bones, thick head and delivering a lot of power per trigger pull. This grizzly killing round is as close to suitable as we get for bigfoot hunts. 

The 338 Win Mag is a powerful hunting cartridge that’s about the same length as a 30-06 and functions perfectly in semi-auto rifles like the Benelli.


The Chupacabra is a slimy little creature known to populate the southwestern portion of the United States and is known throughout Mexico and Central America. This cryptid is a reptilian goat-sucking monster that varies wildly in size according to most accounts. Some describe it as more dog-like in size; others report it to be the size of a small man. Most descriptions agree that it is a fast-moving creature. 

cryptid hunters Chupacabra

Hunting a chupacabra will be a lot like hunting a coyote or similar predator.

The southwest is known for its open plains and fields, so a rifle is again the perfect weapon for hunting this cryptid. 

One of the best weapons to hunt predators is the AR 15 in its traditional 5.56 caliber. 5.56 is capable of taking the chupacabra, and the AR 15 is a superbly lightweight firearm that’s fast on target, accurate, easy to use, and widely available. 

Cryptid hunters will want to use an AR-15 in 5.56 to hunt the chupacabra.

5.56 is capable of taking the chupacabra, and the AR 15 is a superbly lightweight firearm that’s fast on target, accurate, easy to use, and widely available.

The semi-automatic design allows for rapid follow up shots and makes it easy to take a second or third shot to compensate for a miss or to take down a wounded chupacabra without you having to get too close. In terms of AR setup, I suggest a red dot, a P-MAG, and some expanding 223 Remington hunting ammunition. 

Hornady American Whitetail ammunition for cryptid hunters.

The author’s favorite hunting ammunition for the AR series.

The Skunk Ape – A Local Legend

The Skunk Ape is a local legend in the southeast. The creature reportedly lives in portions of North Florida, Louisiana, and Southern Alabama. This critter has even been sighted in your author’s home town a time or two. 

The Skunk Ape is tangentially related to the Bigfoot, but reportedly much smaller. 

The Skunk Ape is tangentially related to the Bigfoot, but reportedly much smaller.

The Skunk Ape’s smaller size calls for less of a magnum caliber, and when we factor in the dense and tight environments of the southeast forests. These timberlands can be thick and brutal—dense, and hard to see through. Wear your shooting gloves for these environments. This is where a shotgun comes in. Jungle warfare and shotguns go hand in hand, as proven by the SAS in Malaysia and American troops in Vietnam. 

M1014, Benelli M4, or Remington Versamax?

The spread of shot makes it easier to react and put lead on target in dense environments and with compromised sight pictures. Without the room for longer range shots, a good shotgun makes a lot of sense.

Langdon 1301 - cryptid hunting

Langdon 1301 Tactical courtesy of Mitch Hardin and Ballistic Magazine

I’d prefer a fast cycling semi-auto gun. My preference is the Benelli M4 loaded with Hornady Black buckshot, but that’s because I have one prepped and ready for the preternatural threats folks don’t believe exist. 

Skunk Ape in the Deep short story big foot erotica

The Benelli M4 is superbly easy to shoot, reliable, and very easy to maneuver with, but any good semi-auto shotgun will meet the demands that cryptid hunters will throw at it. The M1014 would be another excellent choice, as would the Remington Versamax or Mossberg 930SPX. Any of them will get the job done if you’re using the right ammunition and you know how to run the gun!

Cryptid Hunters use Benelli M4

The Benelli M4 is an Italian Stallion – The Benelli M4 is a gas-operated shotgun that differs vastly from the classic inertia driven M2.

The Skunk Ape is smaller than Bigfoot in the same way a black bear is smaller than a grizzly bear. However, it’s still bigger, stronger, and more dangerous than you.

Cryptid hunters use mossberg 930

The Mossberg 930 is your standard model shotgun, the 930SPX is a tactical variant with sights, mag extension, and 20-inch barrel.

12 gauge is a proven cartridge for an animal as large as a bear, so you won’t be outgunned with the ole scattergun. 

Cryptids – The Ultimate Big Game 

Cryptids may or may not exist, but that doesn’t mean we can’t dream. These big and brutal animals should never be underestimated, and being appropriately armed is the first step in hunting them. Going in under-gunned is a sure way to carve your name into the legends of these creatures as you become their victim. 

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