Fightin’ Firearms: slickguns for our Guard!

BLUF: we work with many companies and craftsmen to get you better prices on sick gear, slick guns, and every day ready equipment; plus links to “slickguns” and good gun deals where we can find ’em.

House Morningwood presents an eclectic mix of information about (and for) those who’ve declared for our cause. One might even call it a farrago of news and information, from sick gear and slick guns (see below) to nerd news and WTF moments that astonish and amaze. Sorry, not sorry. We want to entertain you and save you some $$$, regardless of your level of tacticalness or nerdliness.

There’s nothing wrong with that, is there?

Slickguns: The Iron Throne on Parks & Recreation

You don’t have to be one of the Morningwood Guard to appreciate a fine firearm!

Read on.

Slickguns: Slick guns on the range with the Morningwood Guard



One of the places we work with is This isn’t just because they have a good variety of firearms to choose from, but because they periodically also provide good information. They’re also pretty up to date on current gun news.

Mosin Nagant history from photo by Richard Taylor
From an article about Mosin-Nagant history on; photo by Richard Taylor.


6.5 PRC rifles in a rundown from
From a rundown on 6.5 PRC rifles on “Over the last decade, the intermediate caliber has earned a reputation among shooters for its flat trajectory, light recoil and high velocity, a winning formula for accuracy. But also 6.5 Creedmoor has become known for its versatility: shooters can use it for long-range target shooting or harvesting deer.”

There are many fine firearms on, but alas – no Callahan Full-bore auto-locks. More’s the pity.

Jayne Cobb calls his favorite Vera.
Jayne Cobb calls his favorite Vera.

You can see what they actually have in the way of “slickguns” for sale on their website (and by slickguns we mean gun deals).

Find Gun Deals on:





Slickguns: Jayne Cobb calls his favorite gun Vera - so does this guy.
He calls her Vera too.
USPSA vs IDPA: what's the difference? From an article on
A USPSA competitor prones out during a match. From an article explaining the difference between USPSA and the IDPA on

We’ll update this with other slickguns sources that help us out and with sites we reckon are worth checkin’ out.

More to follow soon, liegemen!

Meantime, if you’re interested in the history of guns, read the gun timeline on PBS…or of course, any of the articles from Breach-Bang-Clear’s Weapon Crush Wednesday series.

Slickguns: Mall ninja rifle - all the lumens
You can take the phrase “all the lumens” just a little too far sometimes. Mall ninja much?


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  1. In my mind, the fat man with the AK shall forever be known as “Gun Buddha”.

    The scruffy fellow in the foreground shall simply be known as “Sir Spazmo”.

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