Bernie Sanders Meme Mania: the best part of the inauguration

Bernie Sanders meme: from the Biden inauguration, game of thrones style
January 21, 2021
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That Bernie Sanders meme you see above, from the inauguration of President Biden? Wish we’d thought of that. Wish we’d thought of some of these others too. The Vermont senator (who is pushing 80) clearly had little concern for matters sartorial when he dressed for the cold weather at President Biden’s inauguration. There he is, all by his lonesome, in a plain parka and what sure look to be hand-made mittens.

Vermont senator Bernie Sanders at Biden inauguration

We have more than a few favorites and have credited the artist wherever we were able to.

Bernie Sanders atop the Iron Throne

Bernie Sanders atop the Iron Throne? Couldn’t be any worse than Joffrey.

Jay and Silent Bob Bernie Sanders meme

Jay and Silent Bob Bernie Sanders meme: artist unknown…result, magnificent. Bernard Sanders (I – VT) looks completely at ease here with his two pals.

You know, this isn’t what we typically consider to be badass art, but we’re gonna make an exception here.

At the designer: one of the best of the Bernie Sanders memes.

Bernie at the diner. Hat tip to @jerrysaltz.


Inauguration clad Bernie Sanders with Sarah Jay Rodriquez.

Inauguration clad Bernie Sanders with Sarah Jay Rodriquez.


Star Wars Bernie Sanders meme

Star Wars Bernie Sanders meme by @east.coast

And some more Star Wars love for the ancient senator from Vermont!

Bernie at the Jedi Council

That’s right. It’s Bernie sitting on the Jedi Council. This, actually, isn’t too far fetched.



He sure looks good at a protest, don’t he? Granted he’s a scrawny old feller, but still..that dude must work out.

He’s probably friends with these guys.

Bernie at the gym

Bernie at the gym. Though he doesn’t appear to be lifting heavy. Maybe it’s cardio day.


Senator Bernard Sanders and Guy Fieri

Hell yeah. Diners, drive-ins, and dives!

Breakfast Club Bernie Sanders

Is that…Breakfast Club Bernie?

Then there’s his musical career.

Rapmaster Bernie B

Rapmaster Bernie B

Dunder Mifflin Bernie Sanders

Bernie apparently does some work at the offices of Dunder Mifflin.


Hogwarts Bernie

He’s also a Gryffindor. Maybe. He seems more like a slightly addled Hufflepuff to us, though.


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