House Holloway Hammers Are Back | the ATEi A9

Doug Holloway of ATEi

House Holloway, under the auspices of the great mastersmith Lord Douglas the Frequently Irascible, has sent word that limited numbers of his ATEi A9 is back in stock.  Doug Holloway is, of course, the HMFIC of ATEi Guns. A curmudgeon by the time he was eight, Ser Holloway’s work rivals or surpasses that of the greatest artisans we know (and we’re including both Donal Noye and Tobho Mott in that estimation.

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Buried Treasure | DIY Watertight Storage Container

Some might consider our Northman Ryan a handy person. He builds and fixes flying machine parts for a living. Occasionally he also work as a sellsword for RECOIL OFFGRID and writes DIY articles for ’em.

Recently he was asked about making a watertight storage container out of PVC. This is the result. Most people use screw caps that need a wrench, which makes it difficult to open. Jim Cobb starts the article off and part way down you’ll find his part of the article detailing the build process here.

Beware: Hot Brass (NSFW) | Fine Calibers III

It’s no secret we like girls women and guns. And women and swords, and women and axes, and women and Apache helicopters for that matter. Here are a few of the former in assorted fine calibers. We’re aware of the “gun bunny” thing. However, when it relates strictly to our aesthetic appreciation, the Second Amendment, and capitalism, we refuse to spend time in pointless frumication. The energy we might otherwise have spent in perhorrescing, thinks we, would be far better spent indulging our lexiphanicistic tendencies…

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