Buried Treasure | DIY Watertight Storage Container

Some might consider our Northman Ryan a handy person. He builds and fixes flying machine parts for a living. Occasionally he also work as a sellsword for RECOIL OFFGRID and writes DIY articles for ’em.

Recently he was asked about making a watertight storage container out of PVC. This is the result. Most people use screw caps that need a wrench, which makes it difficult to open. Jim Cobb starts the article off and part way down you’ll find his part of the article detailing the build process here.

Beware: Hot Brass (NSFW) | Fine Calibers III

It’s no secret we like girls women and guns. And women and swords, and women and axes, and women and Apache helicopters for that matter. Here are a few of the former in assorted fine calibers. We’re aware of the “gun bunny” thing. However, when it relates strictly to our aesthetic appreciation, the Second Amendment, and capitalism, we refuse to spend time in pointless frumication. The energy we might otherwise have spent in perhorrescing, thinks we, would be far better spent indulging our lexiphanicistic tendencies…

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House Ghostgrey Declares for Morning Wood

House Ghostgrey (you may know them as Grey Ghost Gear and Grey Ghost Precision) have declared for House Morningwood. They were among the very first to answer when we called the banners.

Grey Ghost Precision offers 25% off everything they make to Patreon backers who are at the Knight level.

Grey Ghost Gear offers 40% off everything they make to all Patreon backers of Bastard Knight level or higher.

Think about that, now. A  GGP MKII Heavy .308 WIN retails for $2,500.

You do the math.

House Ghostgrey Sigil, Banner, and Words

Long live House Ghostgrey!

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Revengers Recruited | 13 Hot Superheroines

Busty Superheroines hottest cosplay boobs bouncing - Wonder Woman - Power Girl - Scarlet Witch - American Maid - Black Widow - Harley Quinn - She Hulk - Supergirl - Catwoman -and -others

The success of Avengers: Infinity War this last weekend got us thinkin’. AIW is now the biggest opening movie of all time, and although that doesn’t necessarily mean the most profitable, you know damn well it’s gonna make a lot of money. Hell, it’s already past $250 million, and it hasn’t opened in China yet.

Big movie audience in China.

Anyway, we’ve decided to recruit our own team of supers in preparation for the Affinity War. All hawt females, of course, with the exception of Swingin’ Dick and Slim. Here’s who we have in our lineup so far.

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Our Sigil and Words

This is just an explanation of our sigil and words. If you’re looking for the full story of House Morningwood, visit the maester. He can also help you if it burns when you pee.

The Badge and Motto of House Morningwood

Coat of Arms:  Cendrée, a spear, Gules brunâtre proper, bendwise sinister beneath a fiery sun Or, in the fourth quarter two roundels azure, a bordure sable.

The sigil of House Morningwood

Some folks have asked if those were blue balls, and the spear behind the sun a phallic reference. Well…the name of the house is morning wood, and our motto is, rise before dawn, so wtf do you think?

Words:  Rise Before Dawn

Seat: Freedom, OK

Current Lord: Richard “Swingin’ Dick” Kilgore

Region: ‘Merica and the Frigid North of Frozen Canadia

The House Morningwood SigilTitle:  First Lord of Morningwood, Autarch of Nancy’s Squat & Gobble, Protector of Pervert Row at All Three Stages, Self Proclaimed Arbiter of What Is Right and Just, etc. etc. etc.

Ancestral Weapon: Kindness 2

Overlord: None. Wait, George Washington.

Founder: Swingin’ Dick Kilgore and Jake “Slim” Call

Founded: One night when they were drunk.

1Hat tip to Westeros.org for the template for writing up a noble house.

2Kindness is a gloriously well maintained, quite likely ensorcelled,  1917-built M1918 Winchester B.A.R. (Browning Automatic Rifle) with every possible high-end component. We’ll be writing the full story of Kindness very soon. 


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10 Reasons We Like Amazons | Frightened and Aroused

Penthiselea, Trigona, Euboea, Aella, Menalippe…they’re hawt.

Same as Hannah Duston, Bibi Dalair Kaur, Rose Kabuye, and Julia Bringloe.

The release of the Justice League feature film a few months ago, and its pending availability on DVD (should be here in March), has rekindled interest in the Amazons of Themyscira — at least inside House Morningwood’s walls. The story of how the various actresses, stunt-women, and fighters trained to portray the Amazons is a good one, as you can see in the video below (which was shot before the Wonder Woman movie, not Justice League, btw).

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Qyburn’s Kids

Qyburn - children - Pycelle

Qyburn had the right idea when he took control of the “little birds” who previously served Lord Varys as Master of Whispers. In fact, we thought it was such a good idea (on the part of both spymasters) that we conscripted our own child army.

Qyburn children

If you see a post on social with the hashtag #QyburnKids, it was either put there by our spawn, some nieces/nephews, or similar young flunky.

We’re all about child labor.

It’s okay, though. Any 💰💰💰 they bring in with those affiliate links is their own. You see, we’re also all about capitalism. You say “sweat shop,” we say “teaching them the value of hard work.”


We’ll update this post with images of the progeny in question soon.

Qyburn - children murder Grand Maester Pycelle




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The House Morningwood sigil - Rise Before Dawn
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