Buried Treasure | DIY Watertight Storage Container

Some might consider our Northman Ryan a handy person. He builds and fixes flying machine parts for a living. Occasionally he also work as a sellsword for RECOIL OFFGRID and writes DIY articles for ’em.

Recently he was asked about making a watertight storage container out of PVC. This is the result. Most people use screw caps that need a wrench, which makes it difficult to open. Jim Cobb starts the article off and part way down you’ll find his part of the article detailing the build process here.

No Mercy in Mereen | Episode 1

No Mercy in Meereen - Tactical Tyrion - Episode 1

What would it be like if Meereen went the way of Mogadishu, with modern weaponry? It would be a shitshow, that’s a certainty. This is a story about a PMC dealing with just such a shitshow (serialized in several parts).  Some of them may or may not wear the sigil of House Morningwood

No Mercy in Meereen

episode 1
episode 2

Long streams of tracer licked out from the shoulders of the Great Pyramid, lethal and languid.

Answering streams lashed back in graceful coils in an orgy of color, some from the streets, more from the ruined dome of the Temple of Graces. Lilac tracers of Tyrosh contested with Braavosi blue, both dueling the angry green of Volantis.

Moments later came the distant chatter of machine-guns, echoing across the sluggish brown water of the Skahazadhan. With it came a stirring of breeze, heavy with the river stink, old mud and new sewage, and the filthy brine of Slaver’s Bay.

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Light the Ramparts with the Siege | Streamlight Lantern Rundown

Streamlight Lantern Review - House Morningwoodv

We have tried far too many battery powered lanterns over the years. In fact [warning: nerd reference], we could probably build the entire lantern horde from Kingdom Death Monster. That’s an extremely fun but exceptionally frustrating board game, btw.

Thankfully the one lantern to rule them all has finally been found. It’s not only a great piece of kit, it has a badass name.

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Reload That Wheelgun Fast | Stafford on G&A

Ser Jeremy Stafford, one of our other easily distracted squirrel-chasing knights, is a frequent contributor to a number of Guns & Ammo books. Here he is on the cover of one. You can pick up the digital version of the magazine here or hit up your local non-liberal bookstore. If you can find one.

Stafford says,
“It’s an absolute thrill to be on the same cover as Gary James, a man whose articles I’ve read since I was a child.”

A Two Wheeled Upgrade to the Liv Invite | Velocipedagoguery

Melissa Georgesson hefting a Liv Invite bicycle. House Morningwood | Rise Before Dawn.

Though I can (and do) run every day, I thought biking wasn’t for me. Despite his Hodor-like size and general gracelessness, I just couldn’t keep up with 2CentTac. I would huff and wheeze like I was dying.


Before I gave up on the idea (mostly because I’m stubborn), I upgraded to a much newer dandy horse (velocipede? penny farthing?) — I bought a Liv Invite.  It seemed like it would do everything I needed it to do.

Bam! Appearances were not deceiving. It was like night and day.

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