Red Alice Ten Times | Weapon Outfitters On Display (NNSFW)

Weapon Outfitters Alice Exx Collection

Weapon Outfitters is a small American business in the Pacific Northwest. They have excellent taste in equipment and an admirable eye for those who display their ordnance.

As we are about to show you.

This is Weapon Outfitters model Alice Exx. Here she is carrying a 13.7 in. build with BE Meyers 249F muzzle device and Lancer Systems Advanced Warfighter Magazine.  (We think that’s the “translucent dark earth” AWM, but can’t tell for sure.)

Weapon Outfitters Alice Exx Collection

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No Mercy in Meereen | Episode 3

Continued from Episode 2.

“Crakehall,” called “Hardhead” Ser Jorah Stone over his PTR, “how are Thorne and Morrigen?”

He cracked thick knuckles of one hand and then the other against his plate carrier awaiting a reply.

Both men had turned up ill the night before after an ill-advised foray to a brothel. It was generally accepted that someone in the city had tried to poison them. Morrigen, a cheerful little Stormland scoundrel with a penchant for both married woman and their daughters, traditionally drove the troop’s 7-tonne truck. Thorne, a largely imperturbable Massey’s Hook man who could sleep anywhere, most always drove the Garron.

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