Ballistic Advantage Declares for Morning Wood!

đź“Ś BLUF, our Patreon supporters can now buy Ballistic Advantage rifle barrels for way less money đź’° than anyone else.

Are you building the rifle equivalent of Narsil or busking for battle? Bide but a moment – we bring you news đź“ś !

🚩 Ballistic Advantage, a renowned builder of rifle barrels, has declared for House Morningwood! Their barrels and other parts shall now be available for all who are sworn to Morning Wood!


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House Holloway Hammers Are Back | the ATEi A9

Doug Holloway of ATEi

House Holloway, under the auspices of the great mastersmith Lord Douglas the Frequently Irascible, has sent word that limited numbers of his ATEi A9 is back in stock.  Doug Holloway is, of course, the HMFIC of ATEi Guns. A curmudgeon by the time he was eight, Ser Holloway’s work rivals or surpasses that of the greatest artisans we know (and we’re including both Donal Noye and Tobho Mott in that estimation.

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No Mercy In Meereen | Episode 4

No Mercy in Meereen Episode 4 - Tactical Tyrion - House Morningwood

Continued from Episode 3.

The bastards Jorah had been speaking of e were all local warlords. Most had taken to calling themselves the “Bloody Masters”, a brutal echo of the Great, Good and Wise Masters who had once ruled Meereen, Astapor and Yunkai respectively. Appropriately named, they were a bloodthirsty and capricious lot, capable of astonishing cruelties and even worse depravities. Some of them were former soldiers, some the scions of fallen Meereense clans—Rhezeen, Reznak, Lorrq and the like – others still were just murderers with a willingness to torture and kill and the charisma to compel others to follow.

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