Baleful Bad Guys

From taheen to trollocs and cavewights to white walkers, any good story must have a suitable number of baleful (and belicose) bad guys. Some are “standardized”, some are not: orcs, irks, and uruk-hai, for instance, all sound alike, definitely not always the same loathsome opponent.

Tolkien goblins vs. Buehlman goblins vs. Cameron boglins is another.

That’s why we started this series: to help you with your battlefield PID. When we’re done, you’ll easily be able to differentiate between the Calormen, Dunlendings, Haradrim, Hyrkanians, and Aiel with contemptuous ease.

Looking to give some fantasy critter a dirt nap? It’s the flesh-eatin’, innocent-slaughterin’, murderous types you’ll enjoy most.

Ask us how we know. Better yet, ask all the dead myrdraal we left in pieces on Gothmog’s porch.

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