PHLster [a Declarant]

Some of you will know PHLster for their YouTube channel, Philly EDC. Others among you may be familiar with their superb EDC thingamawhatsits like the Flex and Flatpack TQ Carrier. Hopefully, all of you are familiar with their outstanding line of holsters. If not, take a moment to get acquainted. You’ll be glad you did.

PHLster - House Morningwood Tactical Buyers Club
Their holsters and EDC gear are a part of the Morningwood Bazaar (aka the “Tactical Buyers Club“).

Quick links [use your HMW discount code!]:

PHLster website
on the ‘Grams I (@PHLster)
on the ‘Grams II (#PHLster)
 on Facebook
PHLster’s YouTube Channel

Updated June 2019

PHLster Holsters

PHLster is the demesne of Jon Hauptman, a remarkable, idiosyncratic Kydex crafter and innovative designer who is also (no shit) one of the smartest people we know. Our first experience with a PHLster holster was when we picked up a “City Special” revolver for a .38 snubby. We’ve been using his gear in one form or another ever since.

Grunts: demesne.

Jon Hauptman of PHLster
Lord PHLster…or maybe Lord Hauptman? Whatever. He designs and builds great stuff.

PHLster EDC Gear

There are of course many other holsters and “EDC upgrades” available on their website; we’re aware how popular the Floodlight Holster has become, but be sure to investigate their medical kit too (it’s always good to embrace homeostasis).

All Sworn Swords are urged to check their rank page before buying anything from PHLster – you’ll be able to save some $$$ with your discount code!

If you have not already declared for Morning Wood, you can do so at Castle Morningwood! If you buy just a couple pieces of outdoor, tactical, or shooting gear in a year you’ll have made your money back!

PHLster founder and HMFIC Jon Hauptman
Jon Hauptman, founder and HMFIC. Don’t let the bemused expression fool ya. This guy is switched on (and he makes badass stuff, too).


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