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Among the many benefits of backing us on Patreon is access to the loot we hand out to our supporters. We’ve given a lot of swag and plunder away since we first called the banners.  Unfortunately, we’re not terribly bright so we didn’t record it all or post it online.

That’ll change now. As we go forward we’ll update this page with new contests and giveaways (or the big ones, anyway). We’ll also announce on Instagram (@house.morningwood), so be sure to keep an eye on that frequency too.

Cool Down With An Ice Like Holster From Raven Concealment Systems

Flex with the Limited Edition Eidolon Clear Holster From Raven Concealment Systems
Flex with the Limited Edition Eidolon Clear Holster From Raven Concealment Systems

Thats right this two week GAW is for a clear limited edition Eidolon for Glock shaped pistols.

Whadya gotta do? That’s easy.

  1. Like House Morningwood on Instagram (@house.morningwood).
  2. Like Breach-Bang-Clear on Instagram (@breachbangclear).
  3. To enter head on over to the Nancy’s Facebook page and find the contest post. Simply reply “I bend the knee to House Chillycock” and being a current patreon member for a chance to win this super unique holster.



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You’re gonna need a Patreon login to support us; just be aware you won’t get a login to this site. You’ll learn about your benefits on our Patreon page, then come here to actually get them. We bring this up because in the past some folks unfamiliar with how this all works have tried to reset lost passwords and contact customer support here…which unfortunately does them no good.


Go to www.Patreon.com/housemorningwood to get yourself set up. Store your login ID and password to Patreon.com the way you’d do so with any pw-protected site. That combo will provide you access to all the people and places to have a Patreon account, not just us.

Free Tactical Gear: Past Giveaways and Contests

Among the loot distributed during past giveaways have been…

Christmas in February for the Lords and Ladies

B5 Systems SOPMOD Stock
B5 Systems SOPMOD Stock

100 KCI Drum Mag giveaway

7-15-2019 | Next prize package: a 100 round AR15 drum magazine from KCI, courtesy of GunMag Warehouse.

KCI 100 round drum magazine giveaway House Morningwood + GunMag Warehouse


AR15 drum magazine from KCI

100 round AR drum mag     100 round AR drum mag


Memorial Day 2019 Giveaway

Visit Castle Morningwood to be entered to win. Check our Facebook group for details.

(And remember, we have discount codes to all these manufacturers for our supporters.)

The May 2019 House Morningwood giveaway includes TOPS Knives, Vertx, and Thyrm.
The Vertx “Dead Letter Sling Bag”, TOPS Knives “C.A.T. 200S”, and Thyrm Switchback (small) – plus a pretty bangin’ laser-etched patch.

Prizes: Vertx, TOPS Knives, & Thyrm

The opportunity to win this prize package begins the evening of Friday, May 24th, 2019. It includes:

• Vertx Dead Letter Sling Pack (Value $189.95)
• TOPS Knives fixed blade C.A.T. 200S ($125 value)
• Thyrm Switchback Backup ($19.99 value)
• Limited edition laser etched leather House Morningwood patch
   (Estimated by the Iron Bank of Braavos as “priceless”)


Dead Letter Sling Pack

The “Dead Letter Sling Bag”, one of the new Vertx concealed carry bags released in 2019.

TOPS Knives CAT S-Series

TOPS Knives fixed blade knife
TOPS Knives C.A.T. 200S-4, a part of their “Covert Anti-Terrorism S-Series.”

Switchback EDC Light Upgrade – Thrym Switchback

and a badass limited edition laser-burnt patch. 

EDC gear from Thyrm
EDC gear upgrade (the Switchback) from Thyrm and a limited edition laser-burned House Morningwood sigil.

Back us on Patreon to be eligible to win: www.patreon.com/housemorningwood

Further details and instructions will be advised in our ultra top-secret world conquest HQ: Nancy’s Squat & Gobble, the best little strip club to ever grace a trailer park.  (It’s actually a Facebook group.)

» Raven Concealment Systems Eidolon Holster in coyote tan with the house sigil laser etched on it. (At least 20 to date.)

Appendix Carry Holster - the RCS Eidolon, House Morningwood FDE version
Raven Concealment Systems Eidolon Holster for Appendix Carry.
» Ares Gear Aegis Belt Buckle…

with Breach-Bang-Clear logo engraved on it. (6 of these as of May 2019).

Ares Gear and Ares Gear belts - these are the Aegis buckles
That’s our buckle on the right (and one from Victory First on the left).
» T-shirts from AnachroBellum

…and MadDuoCo and the Morningwood collections (no idea how many).

The "Black Mag" design from MadDuoCo
Don’t ask us why Jeremy is wearing a black mag shirt while carrying an old scattergun. He tends to do his own thing.
» Benchmade knives…

of multiple makes and models.

breachbangclear Benchmade knife
One of the Benchmade Knives that bear our sigil.
»Varusteleka terävä jääkäripuukko…

laser etched puukko knives. (half a dozen maybe?)

The Varusteleka terävä jääkäripuukko (puukko knife) engraved with the House Morningwood sigil. Perhaps not priceless, but certainly valuable (and kewl as fuck).
Assorted other stuff & things.


Check back periodically, we’re gonna start doing a lot more of these.




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