Giant Mouse Knives

Giant Mouse Knives
March 3, 2020
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GiantMouse does not refer to  Ser Shadrich of Shady Glen, Matthias the Warrior, Reepicheep, or even the Grey Mouser. No, GiantMouse is a knife brand: Giant Mouse Knives. Here’s an example: the GMF1.


Giant Mouse Knives GMF1 from @coffee_knife…with some nectar of the gods in the background.

GiantMouse Knives recent releases.

Giant Mouse Knives Ace Biblio

in Titanium Blue

The ACE Biblio debuted (as of this writing) just a couple years back, and it’s been a damn popular folder. Now the team of Jens Ansø and Jesper Voxnaes (Vox), along with American entrepreneur Jim Wirth, have added a new version in Ti blue. They describe it as a knife for both “Dives and “Dance Halls”, which (like certain thicc warrior maidens) we can totally get behind.

Note: they are not a part of our Tactical Buyers ClubYet. 

Giant Mouse Knives Ace Biblio

The Giant Mouse Knives ACE Biblio is available in several forms at both Blade HQ and SMKW/Smoky Mountain Knife Works.

Giant Mouse Knives Ace Biblio

There are also a surprising number of GM’s ACE knives on eBay.

GM says,

“The flat titanium scales on this model provide for a slimmer profile, allowing the knife to ride almost unnoticed in the pocket.

When using the Biblio you’ll realize how well it performs. Again, the ergonomics are spot on, and the nicely thin ground blade makes this a real slicer. By choosing the flat saber grind on this knife, they got a strong blade with a fine cutting edge that you’ll enjoy using. The use of Böhler M390 for blade steel makes the Biblio an exceptional cutting tool that will serve you well for years to come.”

ACE Biblio folding knife (Giant Mouse Knives) ACE Biblio folding knife (Giant Mouse Knives) ACE Biblio folding knife (Giant Mouse Knives) ACE Biblio folding knife (Giant Mouse Knives) ACE Biblio folding knife (Giant Mouse Knives)


Blade Steel:  Böhler M390 MICROCLEAN stainless steel. Stonewashed finish.
Handle:  G5 Titanium – Anodized Blue.
Clip: Wire – Reversible.
Liner: AISI 420 Hardened – Bead Blasted.
Pivot Mechanism:  Ball bearings.
Locking Mechanism:  Liner lock.

Blade Length:  2.875″ (73mm) – measured from tip to forward-most aspect of frame
Blade Thickness:  0.118″ (3mm)
Handle Length:  4″ (101.6mm)
Overall Length:  6.875″ (174.6mm)
Weight:  3.4oz (96.34g)


At Blade HQ


On eBay



Check back for more updates from these and other knife makers as we get ’em!


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