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October 7, 2020
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This Ezydog harness rig is gonna be interesting to a lot of you dog owners out there, even those of ya who don’t pal around with a Bandogge or Molossus (or for that matter any war dog). It’s called the Ezydog Convert Harness, and it is receiving excellent reviews everywhere we’ve looked.

Got a fur missile of your own? Read on.

@fatboybrewtus in his Ezydog harness

Fatboy Brewtus in his Ezydog Harness. Some dog hiking gear gets used more than others…

Ezydog Convert Harness

The EzyDog Convert Dog Harness isn’t just a good piece of dog hiking gear, it’s an excellent option for a service dog vest. In Ezydog’s words, it’s both “street- and trail-ready”, with a practical, effective design combining comfort with aesthetics.

service dog backpack by EzD

It’s designed so you can transform the Convert Harness into a service dog backpack (or working dog backpack) quickly and easily — but you could just as easily use it to let Fido hump his own kibble and bullysticks while you’re out rucking.

convertible dog rig by EzD

Ezydog Convert Harness description by the manufacturer (though we can’t argue with it).

(In a hurry? You can get one on Amazon, and get a look at all the reviews there.)

Service Dog Harness

The Convert Harness is good to go for more than casual day hikes and even extended ruck marches. Like any good loadbearing platform, it’s designed for load distribution. In this case, it spreads that weight across the chest and flanks of your canine rather than pulling against the throat like a collar.

service dog patches and custom placards

Use the Convert Harness when working with your service dog. You’ll just need a good leash. Ezydog also has those, though there are several other excellent manufacturers out there (i.e. Kurgo, Wolfgang USA, Ruffwear, and others like them).

service dog rig by EzD

Convert Harness Fitting

Note: there’s a sizing chart available on the Ezydog website.

Convert Harness Specs

  • Build to take the rigors of an active lifestyle
  • Rugged polyester outer shell
  • Has a soft cotton lining to keep your critter comfortable and happy
  • Custom ID Tags easily added
  • Available (as of this writing) in Charcoal, Burgundy, Blue

EzD harness color options

  • Size Options: XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL
  • Features a fully-adjustable chest strap for a secure fit
  • Disable with one click
  • Rust-proof welded D-ring provides a secure anchor for leashes
  • “Soft touch traffic handle” gives extra security when needed

EzD service dog harness and backpack

Custom dog harness patches

  • Convert your Harness to a dog backpack with Convert Saddle Bags (not compatible with XXS and XS sizes – but you could have ’em carried in a saddlebag if there’s a bigger dog available!

working dog harness by Ezydog on a Rottweiler

Find this harness and other good dog gear online:

We reckon these will work as well for your chilled-out Daug as it would for a Coydog (or for that matter even a Thylacine, if you can find one!). Well, maybe not a Daug…anyway, you get the idea.

Ezydog Convert Harness.

Ezydog website.

Ezydog on Amazon.

Dog backpack EzyDog

But wait, there’s more!

If you haven’t been able to get your self-powered fur missile out as much because of the Coronavirus, you might check out Ezydog’s article How to keep your dog active during a global pandemic from earlier this year.

EzD leash on the run during the pandemic


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