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Welcome to the officially unofficial HQ for Amazon USA. Here we celebrate American Exceptionalism, extoll the Founding Fathers, and hope you’ll buy stuff via our Amazon Associates link.

Welcome to the Mad Duo's Amazon USA Headquarters

Why? Because ammo costs money, and so does good bourbon.

Amazon USA

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Now this might be what you think of when you think of an American Amazon:

Female Capt. America: that's the quintessential Amazon USA.

^^That’s @ridd1e (Rike Le Cotey) as a female Capt. America. Such a character would seem to be the quintessential American Amazon, but others would obviously argue in favor of a different example (or maybe both!).

Wonder Woman cosplay by Armored Heart Cosplay by

The Wonder Woman above ^^ is portrayed by @armoredheartcosplay in a photo by @geekstrong. Given that the Themysciran princess has fought Nazis, evil deities, and aliens, it’s only natural she also be considered a prototypical American Amazon!

However, in this particular case we’re talking about Amazon USA online shopping and delivery platform.

That now-famous site began as an online bookstore in the garage of founder Jeff Bezos’ garage, launching with the support of a loan by his parents. It started in July 1994, in Bellevue WA, and has since grown to a virtual superstore used all over the world.

Where you can buy all kinds of stuff. And we can earn a commission when you do!

Welcome to the Mad Duo’s Amazon USA Headquarters! We appreciate your support.