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Streamlight Lantern Review - House Morningwoodv
May 9, 2018
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We have tried far too many battery powered lanterns over the years. In fact [warning: nerd reference], we could probably build the entire lantern horde from Kingdom Death Monster. That’s an extremely fun but exceptionally frustrating board game, btw.

Thankfully the one lantern to rule them all has finally been found. It’s not only a great piece of kit, it has a badass name.

Who doesn’t want to get in on a good siege?

Laying Siege - the Streamlight Siege lantern

The Streamlight Siege AA has since been released in a few different colors, however the more expensive coyote colored model with both white and red holds a special place in our hearts (not least because it uses a battery that doesn’t weight as much as a brick).  The AA battery is pretty much ubiquitous, meaning you likely have a GPS and a handheld light (or something) that all use the same battery. Woo for cross compatibility!

Streamlight siege lantern review

The size of the lantern is roughly as big around as a pop can but a tiny bit taller.  Both ends have a form of hook to hang the unit and you can even remove the shade if you want a brighter more dispersed light.

With a press and hold of the button, the light can change from white to red.  The unit is also smart enough to know what color you had it on last. The unit itself is very well built with no glass parts to shatter and is even water-resistant.Streamlight Lantern - Siege Cover -morning wood

The Streamlight Siege is well worth checking out, and way better than carrying torches around. You can find it at Cabelas,  on the Brownells site, or on Amazon.

Streamlight Siege Features

  • Three intensities
  • Red LED that preserves night vision
  • Flashing SOS signal
  • Waterproof
  • Floats
  • You can hang it almost anywhere
  • Small enough that everyone can have their own

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