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EDC kit: Streamlight Macrostream, Glock 19x, and Emercon CQC-6.
August 1, 2022
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The fine folks at Streamlight have introduced another illumination device that I’ve had the pleasure to review. The Streamlight Macrostream USB is a handy, little light that throws serious brightness.

The weight of the light is 2.2 ounces with a battery, the length is 4.5 inches, and the body of the light is constructed of aluminum. It carries nicely in the pocket, given its very lightweight and diminutive size.

Streamlight Macrostream compact EDC flashlight

The Macrostream is fairly compact and fits nicely in a pocket. Large enough to get a good purchase, but not so big that it’s a pain to carry.

Add to that the fact that there is a brilliant pocket clip that allows bezel up or down carry, and also allows the user to clip the light to the brim of a hat, and we have as many mounting options as a user could wish for.

Streamlight Macrostream USB EDC flashlight pocket clip

The pocket clip offers tip up or down carry, and can attach to the bill of a hat for hands-free navigation.


So what else makes this light versatile? It’s performance! The Macrostream has two light levels: High, which throws 500 lumens out to 90 yards for a duration of two hours. On the low setting, the output is 50 lumens out to 30 yards for a total of eight hours. That gives a pretty healthy run time.

The Streamlight Macrostream has outstanding beam quality, too, with a core that is focused and reaches out nicely. Additionally, there is a wide flood portion, which illuminates a very wide area. You get the best of both worlds with the beam. On the high setting, it lights up a room effectively. 500 lumens is definitely enough to disrupt an attacker’s vision at close range, so it’s good for tactical applications.

Streamlight Macrostream EDC flashlight high setting beam of 500 lumens, shown at 40 yards in the dark.

The treeline is about 40 yards away. The focused beam and wide throw are obvious. 500 lumens gets it done!

The Low setting is useful for navigating around an area or looking for various objects when you don’t want to run the battery down quickly. For probably over half of the time that I need a light, the low setting suffices rather well.

Streamlight Macrostream EDC flashlight low setting 50 lumen beam

50 lumens lights up a shed that is about 15 yards away, this is the low setting.

Push the tailcap once and you get 500 lumens. Push it again immediately and you get 50 lumens. Nice and simple! In either mode, if the operator pushes the tailcap switch in all the way, it clicks and the light stays on in that mode. A light touch ensures that the light goes out as soon as the finger is off the switch.

Tailcap of the Streamlight Macrostream, a compact EDC flashlight

The tail cap worked perfectly, with positive clicks when turning on/off.

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Now on to one of my favorite aspects of the light — it is rechargeable! When empty, the battery takes up to four hours to recharge, according to the manufacturer. Personally, I enjoy a light a lot more when I know I don’t have to replace expensive batteries often. That puts a smile on my face.

Charging is accomplished via a USB cable, which is included with the light. One accomplishes this procedure by grasping the bezel of the flashlight, exerting pressure forward, and sliding the bezel forward to expose the USB port. Plug the USB into the port and commence charging. A red light will activate, and a green light shows when the charge is complete.

Is it durable?

The Streamlight Macrostream is resistant to water and drop tested to one meter (I suspect it would take a good deal more abuse than that, it’s a well put together light). The lens is made from polycarbonate, which is virtually indestructible. This is reassuring since the light could be useful for defensive strikes against attackers, making it even more versatile.

EDC flashlight with polycarbonate lens

The business end is durable, with polycarbonate lens. Useful as a defensive weapon if necessary.

At the time of this writing, Streamlight sells this light for $47.99. Undoubtedly, dealers will be offering it for even less, which represents a particularly good value for what we’re getting.

Thus far, I honestly cannot find anything about this light to criticize. It’s lightweight, bright, offers realistic levels of useful light without being overly complex. It covers the bases of an EDC light, could be used for uniformed duty and might serve as a defensive tool.

EDC kit: Streamlight Macrostream, Glock 19x, and Emercon CQC-6.

Bright enough for tactical use (as well as everyday carry), the Streamlight Macrostream makes a wonderful addition to your kit. Shown with Glock 19X and Emerson CQC-6.

It’s light and small and the user forgets he’s carrying a light until he needs it. The price is reasonable enough that anyone can afford it easily. The fact that it is rechargeable puts the cherry on top of the sundae. Overall, this light gets high marks because of its versatility, performance, and size/weight (or lack thereof).

Check out this light and other offerings from Streamlight.

You will be pleasantly surprised.

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