Plundered Blade of Northern Kings

Plundered blade of northern kings
May 31, 2021
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I’ve gathered you all here to talk about something near and dear to my nerdy heart. Something so important that I have sat here with a virtual pen and quill and arduously pondered how to express my love in the written word. I’ve come to discuss, The Plundered Blade of the Northern Kings.

We’ve all heard the term BFG or big “freaking” gun. The BFG has been used colloquially by the military, movies, shows, video games, and other popular media. What’s not love if not a big damn gun? I’m here to tell you there is something better out there, it’s the big “freaking” sword.

The big freaking sword or “BFS” also has been found in those same places. That media burned the idea of the massive sword into our collective conscience because why wouldn’t you want a gigantic sword?

Plundered Blade of Northern Kings

Plundered Blade of Northern Kings in comparison to other “BFS.”

It’s like a standard sword but more significant, more powerful, and that’s badass. If that damn thing does tip me over when I try to swing it, I don’t want it.

But back to the blade at hand, or two. The Plundered Blade of the Northern Kings is an absolutely massive sword found inside the MMORPG World of Warcraft. The Plundered Blade of the Northern Kings is not only vast and cool looking; it glows, for crying out loud. That is basically the perfect trifecta of what makes a badass sword badass.

But you might be thinking, is this sword really worth all this effort? All this description? There are other great and powerful blades in this universe, no!? The answer is yes, it is; while there are others, why not collect them all? Stupid.

Plundered blade of northern kings

Plundered Blade of Northern Kings in conjunction with Shadowlands plate armor.

While the sword doesn’t have any particularly notable stats in its own right or significant power, it truly shines in its beauty. The Aesthetics of the blade match most transmogs or transmogrification inside the game. ( Transmogrification being the World of Warcraft nerds version of dress-up, the proper in-game)

However, the blade truly fits in with anything “Vykrul” themed. Vykrul being the token tall, stoic, warrior, northern-ish, totally not Viking-like race inside the video game. The blade is covered with dark steels, brownish-red, and a warm yellow glow on the inside.

Plundered Blade of Northern Kings

Two Plundered Blade of Northern Kings are better than one.

But more importantly, all of that is that the sword is shaped like a giant tuning fork. The amount of joy that I gain from swinging around a giant tuning fork while hewing all manner of Undead, Orcs, and other foul beasts is indescribable.

Then you might be asking yourself, “How do I acquire such a blade? Could a mere mortal acquire the mythic and legendary Plundered Blade of the Northern Kings?” The answer is yes, you actually just have to do old content, straightforward, it’s just not relevant anymore. It might just take a minute.

Plundered blade of northern kings

Plundered Blade of Northern Kings in comparison to other “BFS.”

The blade initially popped up in the expansion Battle for Azeroth, found inside treasure caches you earned by doing content called Island expeditions. According to Wowhead (The Wikipedia of the World of Warcraft world), the blade has a 31% chance to drop from Jorundall Salvage, A 4% chance from Rotting Mire Salvage, and a 1.7% chance from Crestfall Salvage.

These crates are sold by Captain Kitt in Dazar’alor and Captain Nightrunner in Boralus for the Horde and Alliance, respectively, for 175 Seafarer’s Dubloons. To queue for an expedition to earn the Dubloons, visit the Expedition Table in Boralus or Dazar’alor near your faction’s docked ship. Once you have unlocked Island Expeditions on one character, all other characters on your account should be able to queue for expeditions.

You’ll need to find three people for this, unfortunately. That can be hard to do with it being older content. But hold fast; there is hope! In an interview with German fansite Vanion, Senior Game Designer Jeremy Feasel said, “There are definitely plans to introduce solo queue for island expeditions.”

HOWEVER, if all that sounds like a lot of work to look cool, you can just do what I did. As of writing this article, the average price of the Plundered Blade of Northern Kings is only the average price of 136,576 Gold according to Wowhead or roughly $20 in WoW Tokens in the US. 130,576g sounds a lot; it is a lot more manageable these days than you might think.

I hope you end up spending the time or money getting this badass BFS; the Plundered Blade of Northern Kings is worth it.

The 1st and 4th images are sourced from Wowhead, and the other two I took myself.

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