Outfitter Camo Hoodie: Legendary Whitetails Realtree Hoodie

Legendary Whitetails Realtree hoodie. Camo hoodie review.
April 19, 2021
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“How the hell am I supposed to write an article review on a hoodie?! I mean…it’s a hoodie!” That was the question that I asked my editor.

He laughed and replied something to the effect of, “Well, you know…just…write about it. Did it keep you warm?”

And so, the birth of this article. Last December, I received a Men’s Camo Outfitter Hoodie from Legendary Whitetails, a company that offers a myriad of outdoor clothing for both men and women, ranging from long sleeve t-shirts, flannels, hoodies, polo shirts, swim trunks, vests, and…well, they sell a lot of stuff!

The hoodie I received is in “Liberty Blue.” The color caught my eye, it’s really quite fetching. The blue, combined with Realtree camo, and a neat design of a deer head on the chest make for a striking garment.

Legendary Whitetails Realtree hoodie, Liberty blue.

The color is eye-catching and contrasts nicely with the design on the chest.

I took possession temporarily just before Christmas. Why temporarily? Because when my oldest daughter saw the Realtree hoodie, she took quite a fancy to it. Consequently, it is now in her possession. Merry Christmas!

Since she seemed to be enjoying the hoodie, I happily announced that she would have to give me her impressions of it because it would be the subject of an article. Touche!

closeup of deerhead design on Legendary Whitetails Realtree camo hoodie.

Close-up of the design. The material of the garment is heavy enough to block wind and provide warmth.

Here’s how this Legendary Whitetails Camo Hoodie performed.


She reports that the hoodie is very comfortable. The material is soft and pleasant to wear.


Mostly good to go in this department. The only minor complaint here (and really, the only small criticism of the garment overall) is the v-cut at the neck. The cut is somewhat “raw”, in that it is not hemmed, and over repeated washings, it has stretched out a bit.

Closeup of v-neck.

The V-Neck has stretched out a bit. On a positive note, the collar doesn’t hug or irritate the neck.

Not a huge deal, but we thought it was worth mentioning in the review. Would it dissuade us from buying another one? Most likely not. Aside from that, the garment is holding up well, as the stitching is quality, as is the material. We’ve not noticed any fading or fraying of the material.


Here in the Great Northeast, winters are not typically mild. We get our spells where it dips into single digits (and occasionally lower than zero degrees), and winds can go up to 50 miles per hour. Naturally, we’d need more than just a hoodie for such miserable weather. However, the hoodie made a nice element to layering, and for quick trips out and about, the hoodie served quite well with a few undergarments. The material is sufficiently thick that this is one of the warmer hoodies that you will come across. It’s not the thin, stretchy material that many hoodies are made of, this is thicker and will serve well in temps, I’d estimate, down into the ’30s, by itself, as long as there are no high winds.


This one is very subjective, but in our opinion, this Realtree hoodie just looks really cool! The combination of the colors is a home run, which is what made me pick this one out in the first place.

Legendary Whitetails camo hoodie Realtree camo sleeve detailing.

The camo design on the sleeves sets off the design. The garment has worn well with repeated washings.

This Men’s Camo Outfitter Hoodie is offered in a number of other colors as well, including Onyx (Black), Camo (Several patterns), Inferno (Orange), White, Olive Drab (complete with an American flag on the chest), among others. There is likely a color that will suit your taste.

There you have it. I can’t think of much else to say about a hoodie. At the time of this writing, this Legendary Whitetails Realtree hoodie sells for $39.99, which represents a solid value in today’s market, and is less expensive than many other brands while offering comparable, or even superior, quality. It will keep you warm and comfortable and looks good doing it. Thumbs up on this one.

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