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Custom Nerf Space Marine Rifle
April 25, 2018
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Nerf seems like an odd thing for a grown man to think is entertaining, or maybe not considering you’re reading this.

Hard to believe as it is, some people think Nerf is only for kids!

Well, Nerf recently released their Rival guns. The Rivals have more power and accuracy then anything they had made before. Rival guns shoot foam balls and use a fixed hop-up system similar to how airsoft bbs get further range.

While away on a work trip, a co-worker and I picked up a couple of the cheap pistols at Walmart to shoot our drunken friends when we got off of our night shift.

Nerf Kronos

I picked up the Nerf Rival Phantom Corps Kronos XVIII-500. It’s a pistol, complete with a safety and internal five round magazine. The top has rails on it, in case you felt like attaching a cheap NCStar red dot to it (which you should, unless you have a spare Trijicon lying around).

Note: cover image is a custom Space Marine Nerf rifle.

[Note: cover image is a custom Space Marine Nerf rifle available on Easy.]

Nerf even did a really cool Deadpool set with two pistols and taco shaped instructions.

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The biggest surprise to come from these was the accuracy indoors and the speed the foam balls travel at in this case 90 fps. This may not sound like a lot of speed when you compare it to an airlift gun, but remember those foam balls weigh a lot more so the energy is higher.

These will level the playing field when your nieces, nephews and assorted spawn team up to try and usurp your Nerf crown.

What we found interesting is with the spread of 3D printers people have taken to make all sorts of modifications for Nerf guns. In this case you can get magnetic thigh holsters so you can feel like Robocop, speed loaders, ways to load the pistol without opening the top and a bunch more.

Nerf has a bunch of other guns like the pump action rotating tube fed Artemis, as well as battery operated ones that shoot the balls using fly wheels called the Nemesis. These are great for office or house warfare, and even funnier when you’re celebrating with a few drinks.

Check them out, you might be surprised at how much fun you have — and by all the cool handmade accessories or artfully modified guns there are.

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And now, John Wick.


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