Streams and Silver 鯉: the Koi Fish Ring from Clocks and Colours

鯉 - silver koi fish ring from Clocks and Colours
March 5, 2021
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The sterling silver KOI (鯉) ring is part of the SHOGUN collection from Clocks and Colours. If you have any interest in samurai, bushido (武士道), or budō (the way of war), you probably understand why someone might want to wear a koi fish ring.

For spiritual symbology (武士道): the koi fish ring

If not, the artisans at Clocks and Colours explain.

“According to legend, Koi fish earned their place as symbols of strength and perseverance by swimming upstream for one hundred years, battling against a violent current. Eventually, the Koi became stronger and their determination was bolstered, giving them the ability to jump to the top of a large waterfall that stood in their path. As a reward for their unwavering perseverance, the gods rewarded the Koi by turning them into golden dragons—the ultimate symbol of power and strength.”

Find Clocks and Clours (if not 鯉, then many other things) online at Touch of Modern.

Clocks and Colours koi fish ring

The Koi fish ring is handcrafted from sterling silver. It is available in sizes seven (7) through fourteen (14) in even sizes only and is covered by the Clocks and Colours lifetime warranty.

Visit the Clocks and Colours home page. 

clocksandcolours silver koi ring

clocksandcolours silver koi ring

clocksandcolours silver koi ring

From the video description:

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