Hytale Release Date: when is it and why should you care?

December 27, 2020
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“Embark on a journey of adventure and creativity.” That’s what Hytale says (-ish). What everyone else says is, “What’s the Hytale Release Date?”

That answer to that is (as of this writing) sometime in 2021. We don’t know better than that.

But why should anyone care? What is Hytale anyway?

Hytale Release Date

What is the official Hytale Release Date? Nobody in the gaming community at large really knows yet. But it’s 2021, we know that!

Just a couple of weeks ago, Hypixel Studios (creators of Hytale) gave us their most recent update.

“To be clear, then: we don’t currently have a launch plan for Hytale. When we do, and we’re confident in it, we’ll tell you – and we’ll be as specific as we possibly can be. We know that there’s a tendency to make predictions about possible release dates based on all sorts of signs and symbols, from job listings to our accounts getting verified on Twitter. For the avoidance of doubt: there aren’t any hidden messages. Nobody outside of the company has access to the game. We’re not going to drop the game as a surprise without giving you notice.

This is what we are going to do: we’re going to make a game. And then we’re going to tell you how you can get hold of it. And then you can play it, if you like. We hope you do!”

What is Hytale?

Hytale is an up-and-coming Voxel Sandbox RPG under development by the recently established Hypixel Studios. Your first impression might be that it looks an awful lot like another “fairly” popular block game. You would be at least partially right.

What's the official Hytale release date? We just ain't sure.

Here we see a preview of the third-person view of the game and it’s UI as a player invades a camp of Trorks. Trorks being one of the game’s primary antagonists, think your average goblin or orc.

The game bears a significant resemblance on the surface to Minecraft for good reason. The developers at Hypixel Studios are giants in the Minecraft modding and creator community. Their roots are in the genre and they are ready to leave their own mark.

Hytale Game PlayHere is a background of three different types of adventures you’ll be able to play in the game.Hypixel Studio was founded by the group that holds the Guinness World Record for “The most popular independent server for a videogame.” 64,553 concurrent players at the time of the record. This is more than many independent games, and probably more than a couple of AAA games. (They’ve also more than crushed this number since.) The idea for the game came to be after Mojang, (The parent company of Minecraft) put additional restrictions on how you could monetize the game, cutting their revenue by 85% according to GameRadar+

When will Hytale be released? We're not sure, but we're ready for it to happen.

An overshot view of a farming town showing of more than a couple of cool features about the game. Their progressive farming system, all the different kinds of trees, several different passive mobs such as chickens, dogs, or cows, and even the dynamic height of the map with the massive mountain range in the background.

Hytale release date?

So when will Hytale be released you might ask? The developers haven’t actually told when the game will be released. It is rumored to be playable by everyone in 2021.  Now that doesn’t mean that the game will be releasing in 2021. Hopefully, it will at least be out for some form of testing. Considering the game has been in development for three-plus years we should be seeing it at least shortly. If I were to take a bet, Hytale beta would have already come out by now if the game hadn’t received the absolutely enormous amount of attention that they weren’t expecting.

When does Hytale come out?

An adventurer running from the desert bound Scarak bug creatures, another one of the game’s primary antagonists we have been shown…and another reason we’re impatient for the Hytale release date.

With the additional eyes on the game, I believe that they are being much more deliberate in their development of Hytale. They have also reported gaining additional funding and were later acquired by the gaming titan Riot games. With additional funding comes polish.

What day will Hytale be released?

Some sort of desert biome that the creators haven’t given us too much information on yet. In the background a “Cave-Rex” which has been said to live primarily underground.

How does it play?

The primary difference between Minecraft and Hytale is the much more significant focus on the RPG elements of the gameplay.  Minecraft is much more anachronistic and design and doesn’t particularly favor any one time or theme. Content is often slow coming for Minecraft. Mojang is very deliberate with what they add to the game to not dilute it. One of these ways that they’re getting around it is actually expanding the Minecraft IP.  Minecraft dipped its toes in its fantasy roots with the recent release of their ARPG (Action role-playing game, I.E. Diablo) Minecraft Dungeons. Hopefully, Hytale can fill that void that Minecraft is hesitant to step in to.

Monsters dreamed up for Hytale gameplay.

Here we have some sea creatures that have been sketched out as concept art. The Shark and the Crab have been confirmed for the game, the fate of the Kraken is unknown.

Most of the Minecraft Community attribute it to sort of a high fantasy medieval setting while Hytale doubles down on it. Ultimately it’s a creative voxel-based environment so people are going to be able to make whatever they want with it,  but the story mode in Hytale will most likely have a more fantasy base.

A screenshot of what we'll all see after the Hytale release date.

An Adventurer walking through a cave in what looks like a desert biome. This demonstrates their dynamic system and variety of underground biomes. The lack of diversity of underground areas has been a mainstay of complaints for some time, so it is nice to see them expand upon it.

The Trailer’s unexpected response

The Hytale trailer in itself has been an absolute phenomenon.  The developers announced on Twitter that they weren’t expecting it to get more than a couple hundred thousand views. But within the first day, they had already acquired millions and millions of views on the trailer. As of the time of this article being written, the trailer has already surpassed 57 million views making it one of the most popular game trailers of all time hosted on YouTube

Does have Hytale have a release date?

An adventure running out of a ruin being chased by two goblins, one seemingly holding explosives.

Overall their presence on social media and the web has actually been somewhat minimal, they’ve been more than selective with what they’ve released to the public to maintain the levels of speculation from its rather ravenous fan base. The Hytale Blog Itself has announced feature sets, new music being made for the game, fan art, conceptual art, detailed articles on gameplay.

Just another Minecraft clone? Not even close.

Learn more about Hytale on Games Radar.

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When will Hytale be released?


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