Reagan Era Retro: First Spear Strandhogg Summer Shirt

retro pop summer shirt from FirstSpear
April 30, 2022
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Cue the music and the Reagan-era vibes. It’s time to celebrate the First Spear Strandhogg in a suitably summery summertime shirt style.

This new limited edition tee is a tactical (~ish) tip of the hat to Andy Warhol in pop art design and the iconic First Spear Strandhogg plate carrier (see below).

Strandhogg retro shirt from FirstSpear

Strandhogg Summer Pop Shirt

The design is printed on a soft side seamed shirt which means better quality, more comfort, and a buff ‘Built for the X‘ appearance when heading out for some summer fun.

After all, looking cool matters.

First Spear Strandhogg Aegir plate carrier

Strandhogg Aegir at sea.

Strandhogg PC

First Spear keeps the description simple:

Across the front of this LIMITED EDITION white t-shirt, the popular FirstSpear Strandhögg Plate Carrier is featured in vibrant colors.

On the back is the classic FirstSpear logo. This shirt is a perfect addition to your summer t-shirt collection.

The POP ART STRANDHOGG t-shirt is a limited edition run, designed and printed in the United States, and retails for $29.99 on the FirstSpear website.

Don’t wait these are available in limited sizes and quantities and when they are gone they are gone, no backorders will be filled.

Like everything made by FirstSpear, these T-shirts are high-quality and Built for the X.

Chris Costa nearly a decade ago wearing one of the early version First Spear Strandhögg plate carriers.

Chris Costa nearly a decade ago wearing one of the early version First Spear Strandhögg plate carriers. The Strandhogg is an excellent piece of battle rattle.

Strandhogg Pop Art shirt Strandhogg Pop Art shirt Strandhogg Pop Art shirt


Here’s the more recent First Spear Strandhogg v3.

The PC takes name from an Old Norse Viking term for a lightning raid, the Strandhögg tactic was one of the first examples in military history of the formal use of covert infiltrators in advance of a raiding operation. FS once said, Strandhogg was a tactical game changer in its time, just like the technological advances [we are] bringing forward in this line of plate carriers.

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@administrativeresults rocking a Strandhogg.

@administrativeresults rocking a Strandhogg.

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