Red Alice Ten Times | Weapon Outfitters On Display (NNSFW)

Weapon Outfitters Alice Exx Collection

Weapon Outfitters is a small American business in the Pacific Northwest. They have excellent taste in equipment and an admirable eye for those who display their ordnance.

As we are about to show you.

This is Weapon Outfitters model Alice Exx. Here she is carrying a 13.7 in. build with BE Meyers 249F muzzle device and Lancer Systems Advanced Warfighter Magazine.  (We think that’s the “translucent dark earth” AWM, but can’t tell for sure.)

Weapon Outfitters Alice Exx Collection

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Reload That Wheelgun Fast | Stafford on G&A

Ser Jeremy Stafford, one of our other easily distracted squirrel-chasing knights, is a frequent contributor to a number of Guns & Ammo books. Here he is on the cover of one. You can pick up the digital version of the magazine here or hit up your local non-liberal bookstore. If you can find one.

Stafford says,
“It’s an absolute thrill to be on the same cover as Gary James, a man whose articles I’ve read since I was a child.”

Beware: Hot Brass (NSFW) | Fine Calibers III

It’s no secret we like girls women and guns. And women and swords, and women and axes, and women and Apache helicopters for that matter. Here are a few of the former in assorted fine calibers. We’re aware of the “gun bunny” thing. However, when it relates strictly to our aesthetic appreciation, the Second Amendment, and capitalism, we refuse to spend time in pointless frumication. The energy we might otherwise have spent in perhorrescing, thinks we, would be far better spent indulging our lexiphanicistic tendencies…

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Revengers Recruited | 13 Hot Superheroines

Busty Superheroines hottest cosplay boobs bouncing - Wonder Woman - Power Girl - Scarlet Witch - American Maid - Black Widow - Harley Quinn - She Hulk - Supergirl - Catwoman -and -others

The success of Avengers: Infinity War this last weekend got us thinkin’. AIW is now the biggest opening movie of all time, and although that doesn’t necessarily mean the most profitable, you know damn well it’s gonna make a lot of money. Hell, it’s already past $250 million, and it hasn’t opened in China yet.

Big movie audience in China.

Anyway, we’ve decided to recruit our own team of supers in preparation for the Affinity War. All hawt females, of course, with the exception of Swingin’ Dick and Slim. Here’s who we have in our lineup so far.

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Mantrackers and Gunslingers | Gunslingers Who Are Mantrackers

One of the things we want to highlight here on the House Morningwood blog, at least from time to time, is stuff our sworn swords, writers, photographers, flunkies, former contributors, and assorted other allies do elsewhere.

They do some badass stuff, all over the damn place, and not just where you’d think to see ’em either.

This particular case is something Mike Searson wrote for Gunslingers magazine. Though our Trails Found event was a couple years ago, it’s still producing content.  In this case, a spotlight on legendary tracker Jim Grasky of Trails Found and our very own Freddy Osuna of Greenside Training.

Nice work, Mike!

If you want a back edition of this article you can pick one up in digital or print here. FInd Mike on Instagram, @mikespartansearson.